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A friend of mine recently released an album - he's done about 60 in the last 20 years, but what struck me about his new release is how populist and relevant it feels to the present day.

His name is Bill Mallonee, and he's played under the moniker of the Vigilantes of Love in the 90's for Capricorn, was an Americana folk hero in the early 00's, and has become a friend of mine over the years..  Label and band woes have plagued him since day one and now he's firmly in the DIY workethic and album distribution..  

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as per the local Anchorage press and his facebook wall

"Serving Alaska in the U.S. Senate has been a tremendous honor. Today I spoke with Dan Sullivan and encouraged him to adopt a bipartisan resolve in the U.S. Senate.

I will always be involved in my community, and the results of an election have never diminished my desire or passion to make Alaska a better place."

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we were bitching about this years ago, and the right didn't care - but NOW they're outraged - meh

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as inevitible as the Gay Marriage passage in MN was in our fine progressive state, one can't help but wonder if the Marriage Amendment bill that was defeated in November wasn't a catalyst that spurred on a quicker resolution than would have happened otherwise

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Q-tip's excellent diary has been weighing heavy on my mind today, with the spectre a Republican president who can't win a popular vote winning every electoral college contest via rigged electoral vote allocation

I kinda lost it on FB today

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let's take a moment here to remember the true losers of this campaign - Karl Rove, Crossroads GPS, and all those billionaires who threw hundreds of millions of dollars representing a puny fraction of their wealth at this election trying to buy their way into Government - their attempts to remake democracy in their image suffered a serious setback, and that makes me even happier than seeing Obama re-elected -

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in 2008 (and 2004,) I made the mistake of getting up early at 6am or so to get to my polling place - I have since learned my lesson and now stay home till 10am to give the guys going to work time to do their was amazing - I wish you could all have had the gift I had of an easy, fair, and fast voting process

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Fri Oct 26, 2012 at 04:26 PM PDT

My Paul Wellstone story

by whiskeytown

I don't know if I've ever shared the time I met Paul Wellstone - it's a minimal affair, but I thought it was humorous enough to share - it all started in talk radio......

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two things are coming out of my Republican friends tonight - this is going to be their big whiney tomorrow, for sure

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am I the only one thinking somewhere back in the Republican Halls of power, there are old rich white men positively giddy about the deaths of American Embassy workers and a repeat of the Iranian '79 Hostage Crisis?

and that these same men have connections to the filmmakers of this apparently amateurishly produced, inflammatory, misleading movie about Islam? This secretive film where no one can find the filmmakers or figure out where they got the 5 million for it or why they shot it without telling the actors what they were filming and then redubbed the lines?

that would be just crazy talk, right?



while watching the 6pm news (a rare occurrence due to my job schedule) - I was recently greeted with the graphic debauchery that comes from Gary Boisclair, a tea-party DEMOCRAT challenger to Keith Ellison in the MN 5th District - (what the hell)

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This morning's (surprise to me) ruling on Obamacare is a welcome present for the American People and the rule of law

I have my eyes on a bigger prize though - for although today we have won a fight, our opponents will now double down for November, and we must make sure that like in one of Sheldon's casinos, we take the suckers for all they put on the table and leave them nothing but felt

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