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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker gestures while speaking during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Md., Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)
As a Wisconsin resident who is fed up with Scott Walker and the compliant press locally I thought that when the national press entered the scene we might see some real reporting.  Not.
As you can see from the headlines below for articles published in the New York Times in the last two months there have been 15 puff pieces for Scott Walker and only one that could be classified as negative.  And that was only because he fired a staffer over her opinion of the Iowa Caucuses.

Wisconsin, Politics and Faith Bind Scott Walker and Paul Ryan

Scott Walker’s Strength in Donors
By DEREK WILLIS - April 29, 2015

Head Start for Jeb Bush Campaign Is Part of Scott Walker’s Plan

Scott Walker, a Pastor’s Son, Runs on Faith as Iowa Beckons

How Scott Walker Has Escaped the ‘Inauthentic’ Label So Far
April 08, 2015 - By BRENDAN NYHAN

Scott Walker, Allergic to Dogs, May Run Against Political History
By JASON HOROWITZ - April 01, 2015

At Candidate Forum, Scott Walker Discusses Same-Sex Marriage of a Relative
By PATRICK HEALY - April 18, 2015

First in the Nation Forum: Scott Walker
By PATRICK HEALY - April 18, 2015

Scott Walker Attacks President Obama on Foreign Policy
By NICK CORASANITI - April 10, 2015

How Is Scott Walker Like Reagan? He’ll Tell You
By PATRICK HEALY - April 6, 2015

Scott Walker: From Eagle Scout to Commander in Chief?
By ANDREW ROSENTHAL - March 30, 2015

Scott Walker’s Accent Then and Now
By PATRICK HEALY - March 21, 2015

Scott Walker’s Path
BRENT MCDONALD and QUYNHANH DO - March 20, 2015 -

The Politics of Tweets, Candor and Corn in Iowa
By FRANCIS X. CLINES - March 19, 2015

Iowa G.O.P. to Walker: Drop Adviser Who Trashed State
By TRIP GABRIEL - March 17, 2015

I believe that The New York Times has anointed Scott Walker as their candidate for the Republican Party and we are all being setup on how reasonable this charlatan is.  Scott Walker, the altar boy who has won three times in a blue state by taking on unions.  He is getting all of these puff pieces while our state budget is a mess with his proposals and baked in tax cuts for corporations and wealthy individuals from his last budget.  It’s all about him losing his Wisconsin accent, allergic to dogs, a man of faith, a Reagan acolyte, and an Eagle Scout.  There is nothing about how he says one thing in Iowa and another in New Hampshire.  There is no investigation into his campaign finances or how he has cleverly refrained from announcing his candidacy so he can build a war chest with undisclosed donors’ funds.  The New York Times should put some real reporters on Scott Walker’s and stop with the puffery.  Or, at least acknowledge the bromance between the NYT reporter, Patrick Healy, and Scott Walker.

And the one news article to put Scott Walker in a bad light:

Walker’s Troubles with Vetting Staff Members
By MAGGIE HABERMAN - March 24, 2015


Former Trek Bicycle Executives hurl a last minute Stink Bomb at Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke.  Allegedly, Mary Burke was fired from her job as head of European operations at Trek.  So says "Republican former Trek human resources director Gary Ellerman to a conservative website, Wisconsin Reporter. Ellerman is the chairman of the Jefferson County Republican Party and ran as a sham Democratic candidate in the 2012 Senate recall primary to help the incumbent GOP senator in that race." - from Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article.

Mary Burke has responded by saying: "The truth is that after getting five additional offices up and running and managing seven operations, we decided to restructure and there was no need for my position and two of the people reporting to me could directly report to people in the United States," she said. "I was part of that decision to restructure and did that and then decided to leave."- from Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article.

Right-wing WISN talk show host, Vicki McKenna, has been pushing this story all over the place this week.

See article: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article

This Kos diary says what I wanted to say


Thu May 16, 2013 at 09:52 AM PDT

Phishing Spam

by widem

Maybe it's just me.  I signed up on the Obama web site last year.  For this purpose I used a seldom used email account.  This past winter that email account started to receive spam.  And now the spam has escalated to the phishing type emails.  The kind that purport to be coming from a legitimate web site (Amazon, WalMart, etc.).  They all have links in the email that text wise say one thing but really go to crooked web sites.

So I suspect somewhere along the way someone inside the Obama web site either scammed the email accounts of Obama supporters or the Obama camp sold the email accounts to 3rd parties that then were skimmed off for spam.

Has anyone else seen this kind of activity?  


Wed Nov 07, 2012 at 09:54 AM PST

Milwaukee Right Wing Talk Rant

by widem

Our local right wing talk radio wingnuts still don't get it.  Vicki McKenna today on WISN-Radio in Milwaukee has made several references to her audience it's time to get "Guns and Ammo" and recommends revolution.  

Instead of analysizing why they lost or critiquing their candidate or positions they keep doubling down on their right wing drivel.  Our other Senator Ron Johnson, a tea party favorite, has been on both WTMJ-Radio and WISN espousing that he does not intend to make any compromises regarding taxes.

I can only imagine what Limbaugh and Mark Belling will be saying this afternoon.


Mon Nov 05, 2012 at 01:00 PM PST

Madison Nov 5th Photo Diary

by widem

Here are some of my pics.  I was probably half way back from the stage area.

Obama Rally Nov 5 2012 pic 1
Around 730AM
Obama Rally Nov 5 2012 pic 6
Sidewalk to Sidewalk Crowd
Obama Rally Nov 5 2012 pic 5
Obama Speaking
Obama Rally Nov 5 2012 pic 4
Obama Speaking
Obama Rally Nov 5 2012 pic 3
Obama Speaking Stage Straight Ahead
Obama Rally Nov 5 2012 pic 2
Obama Speaking
Obama Rally Nov 5 2012 pic 9
Leaving the Rally
Obama Rally Nov 5 2012 pic 8
Leaving the Rally
Obama Rally Nov 5 2012 pic 7
Leaving the Rally
Obama Rally Nov 5 2012 pic 10
Leaving the Rally - Check out the Happy Guy

Thu Nov 01, 2012 at 08:09 AM PDT

Bill Clinton at UW-Waukesha

by widem

Standing here waiting for the "Big Dog" at one of my alma maters, UW-Waukesha in the heart of the most Republican County in Wisconsin.  Way to go Bill Clinton!  Oh yes Marquette Poll had Obama up 8% yesterday over Romney.


Sun Oct 28, 2012 at 10:55 AM PDT

Preparing for a recount?

by widem

I just flew into Washington, DC this morning from Milwaukee for a business conference tomorrow.  I took the Metro from National Airport (I can't call it Reagan!)  to McPherson Square on the Blue Line.  Being the tourist I'm trying to take pictures of course.  But I stopped and noticed the passenger in the seat ahead of me.  What caught my eye was the White Binder he was perusing and annotating some notes on the typed pages therein.

Further I saw the binder had very neatly preprinted tabs for all the swing states.  The notes in each of these sections appeared to be recount procedures for all of these states.  The state he was annotating was Nevada while on the Metro.  

Much younger person than I, kinda scruffy with earbuds in his ears.  He got off at Farragut West which is the K Street or lobbyist territory.  I could not tell if the binder was prepared by our side or theirs.

But looking at the typed pages and preprinted tabs it looked to be too neat to be ours. But what do I know.


Fri Oct 05, 2012 at 09:03 AM PDT

WISC Absentee Ballot Problems

by widem

Are the republicans trying to create absentee ballot confusion in the most republican Wisconsin state senate district?  This district just happens to be located in Waukesha County the most republican county in the state.

Wisconsin Absentee Ballot Confusion

Thanks to Scott Walker there will be a Republican Primary for a State Senate Seat along with the general election ballot.  Apparently two absentee ballots will go out to voters who request them.  Only one is supposed to count.  Right!

You read this article and it appears a voter could end up voting 3 times:  Two absentee ballots and one in-person ballot.  And only the diligence of election workers will be able to detect which of the 3 ballots is valid.

Apparently, Waukesha County is gearing up to stuff the ballot box for Mitt Romney, Tommy Thompson, and the rest of the Republican ticket.


Wed Oct 03, 2012 at 01:50 PM PDT

Romney and the $17000 Bucket

by widem

Romney didn't say anything about property and income taxes in his $17,000 bucket proposal.  The tax proposers always conveniently forget to mention the property and state and local income tax deductions.  Those of us old enough to remember know which deductions we lost under the Reagan tax cuts.

Before the Reagan Tax cuts you could also itemize state sales taxes (now it's an either or - income taxes or sales taxes deduction), gasoline taxes, interest on credit cards and also interest on consumer loans.   There was also a Schedule G.  This was where you could average your income over I believe a 2-5 year period.  So if you had one really good year and the rest were mediocre you could achieve a minor tax savings.

But we were all sold on lower tax rates and we gave up those particular tax deductions.  Guess what?  The tax rates went back up and no one restored the lost deductions.  Well the republicans are back at it again proposing lower tax rates but give up your deductions for property taxes, state and local income taxes, mortgage interest, and charitable deductions.

When you are super wealthy these deductions don't really matter.  But the vast majority of taxpayer itemizers are in the $100,000 - $300,000 brackets.  That's where any change in deductions or tax rates has the biggest impact revenue wise.  If you want to raise tax revenues simply take the deductions away from the middle class.  A lower tax rate does not compensate for the lost deductions.  

Personally, I would have higher tax rates and keep the deductions.  Why?  It's math.  If you have a 30% tax rate than your deduction is worth 30 cents on the dollar.  You reduce the tax rate and your deduction also reduces by the same percentage.   Currently, for most taxpayers the AMT provisions already cap your deductions so that you at least pay an effective tax rate of 20%.  That's true for those of us who have earned income like salaries and wages.  But in Romney world when your income is mostly capital gains you can have an effective tax rate of less than 20%.  And for those 1%ers it's still not enough.  They want to reduce their tax rates even further.   And to get there they will destroy the middle class.  

Mortgage interest deductions foster home ownership.  Property taxes pay for our schools and state and local income taxes pay for our roads and infrastructure.  These are all worthy goals in a society.  Call it social engineering but the use of the tax code does in a positive way promote our communities.  The other side would argue that their tax proposals promote capital formation.   But it's a one sided argument.  They are only looking at the income side that is taxed.  If a business invests then they get to take a depreciation expense deduction.  That is a worthy deduction.  That is real capital formation.  They are converting cash to assets that generate jobs and profits.  Similiarly, individual taxpayers invest in their communities with home ownership, schools, and roads with their property tax, income tax, and mortgage interest deductions.  But all income whether it be from wages, interest, dividends, or capital gains should be taxed at the same rates.  That's what Ronald Reagan believed.

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