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Tue Jul 07, 2009 at 10:26 AM PDT

McNamara and Vietnam

by william f harrison

In today's NYTimes, Bob Herbert has one of the strongest denunciations on Robert Strange McNamara I have ever read.  I remember thinking the same thing after I read McNamara's book about Vietnam.

I remember McNamara's attempt to imply that his mistakes in Vietnam were similar to FDR's failed attempt to pack the Supreme Court of the United States.  In those days, I wrote on the margins of every nonfiction book I read, arguing or agreeing with the author.  I found very little to agree with in McNamara's book.  I remember specifically writing on the margin of the page in which he attempted this, "No one died in FRD's attempt to pack the court.  Perhaps 3,000,000 million or more Americans, Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians and Thai died as a result of McNamara's cowardice, and LBJ's and Nixon's war crimes."

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Julia Sweeney.  Is there a better Irish Catholic name that this?  (Well, maybe Bridget O'Flynn.)  And who as a better tradition of reverent, unrepentant Catholicism than the Irish?  The Irish who have fought the bloody English in defense of their faith since the days of the eighth Henry?  And here in this video is this Irish Catholic girl/woman, literally soaked in Catholic theology for the first 40 years of her life, publicly letting go of God in front of God and everybody, including her still very Irish Catholic parents and the congregation of the Catholic Church she had grown up in.

How brave is that?!?

I think this is the bravest, most remarkable, most intelligent, both poignent and humorous works I have ever seen.

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Fri Jun 12, 2009 at 10:21 PM PDT

Letters To The Editor

by william f harrison

A couple of days ago, my local newspaper, the Northwest Arkansas Times posted this letter concerning Dr. George Tiller's murder in Wichita.

The once young man who wrote this letter... well, read the letter first and then I will tell you more below the fold

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There Is No Santa Claus, No Easter Bunny, and No Common Ground!

On the subject of Reproductive Freedom, there can be no common ground between the militant anti-abortion religious right, including the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) and those of us who believe that people have the right to use any method of birth control they choice, up to and including safe, legal abortion.

While most of Catholics in this country and much of the rest of the world believe as I do, that girls, women and their sexual partners should have this right, the Roman Catholic hierarchy would rather women die of AIDS, and they and their children die of hunger, rather than a sexual partner use condoms or themselves use artificial methods of birth control or be able to attain a safe, legal abortion.

There is even more below the fold!

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Thu Jun 11, 2009 at 02:22 AM PDT

Dr. Satan! Come Out!

by william f harrison

On Thursday after Dr. George Tiller was murdered in Wichita, the editor of an actual proudly liberal media outlet, the weekly Arkansas Times, asked me to write an article about this event.

I told him I would not be able to sit down and write it until I returned From Dr. Tiller's funeral, and that I would write it on Sunday after returning from Wichita.

To read the entire article as edited, read below the fold:

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And I lost a friend.

For many years, I have refered girls and women too far along for me to comfortably provide abortion to George's clinic in Wichita.

A few weeks ago, on a night of major rainstorms in the Wichita area, George's clinic was vandalized, security cameras had their wires cut, alarm wires disabled and a hole cut in the roof.  There was extensive damage to the building, and the terrorists who committed these crimes were never found.

Last Sunday morning George was murdered in the church he had attended for most or maybe all his life, while he was ushering in his fellow congregates.

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The Texas friend who sent me this story prefaced it by writing: "What she needed was a tubal and some Lexapro, but what she got was 22 years. Women in this state are in some deep, deep trouble."

Well, actually, she only got at most 12 years since the sentences are to run concurrently.  Must have been one of those liberal activist judges we are always hearing about from our political friends on the right and the good Christians who support them.

I bet the judge wasn't a Gov. GWBush appointee.  Or does the Texas governor appoint their judges?

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Football season's home games attract tens of thousands of guests to the Notre Dame campus to salute Touchdown Jesus every fall.  Now, President Barack Obama with the aid of a coterie Catholic Bishops, is attracting a crowd of a different mindset.

The anti-abortion, anti-birthcontrol gun crazies are apparently going to be out in force in South Bend.  For more of the story, read below the fold:

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Very interesting story appeared today in one of Arkansas's two statewide newspapers.  A story about a tree lynching!  How often have you seen this story?

Well, it was not all that unusual to read stories of full community lynchings in newspapers in states like AR, TX, AL, MS, GA, IN and half a score of other states back in the bad old years.  Not even all that unusual still in places like rural TX and LA.  But trees?  When is the last time you read about a TREE being lynched?!!?  And this so soon after EARTH DAY!!!

Read more beneath the fold:

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Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice (acronym ACLJ: get it?  Almost ACLU, but a hell of a long way from it!) is upset that the Dept of Homeland Security (once under the "guidance" of Michael Chertoff, whose claim to Right Wing extremist fame was as the lead prosecutor of former President Bill Clinton in the failed impeachment over the Monica blowjob scandle) now under the guidance of Janet Napolitano, has seen fit to issue warnings that increasingly frustated antibortion militants could again begin killing physicians and staff at clinics, doctors' offices and hospitals where abortions, birth control, and other reproductive health care is provided.

And the Roman Catholic Church has republished Jay's letter on their blog,

According the, The report creates a very troubling climate for those who want to exercise their constitutional rights to speak out about protecting the life of the unborn said Jay Sekulow.

Read the RCC and Jay's rant below the fold:

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Yesterday, Patty Buck had a lot to say about the present status of the Roman Catholic Church (the RCC).

Rendering unto Caesar
Christian America seems to be slowly disintegrating

I like the title already!  And I bet I am going to like Patty's facts, though probably not his lies.

At the request of the White House, Georgetown University covered up all the symbols in Gaston Hall, before the Great Man spoke, including IHS, the millennia-old monogram for the name of Jesus Christ. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, had adopted the monogram in his seal and it became an emblem of the Jesuit order.

Now which part of that do you think just might be a lie and which the truth?  Hint: Ignatius of Loyala actually did found the Jesuit Order.

So, is the first part a lie?  I bet that Notra Dame had to take down Touchdown Jesus, too!  That darned Obama.  And I bet Georgetown had to put up a huge sign saying Allah Akbar!

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When I read a few days ago that President Obama's first choices of ambassador to the Vatican had all been turned down by the Holy Fathers, I asked the question of an on line group I belong to;  who started this habit of sending an official American representitive - an ambassador - to the Vatican?  And today I got my answer.  

Geo. Wahington?  Hardly.  Though right wing extremists, like the Texas teabag mobs who want to secede from the union, think that he should be right up there on Mt. Rushmore with GW, Honest Abe, Teddy and Tom.

Mt Rushmore?  I think the SOB belongs on a new monument dedicated to
such as American "luminaries" as TGDSOBGWB, his daddy, Buchanon and Harding.  Perhaps we could use one of those stinking mountains of cow or pig shit that pile up near animal holding pens in Nebraska, Iowa and Texas!  Call it Mt. Moredung or Mt. Shitmore.

More below:

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