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Behold the "Preservation of Religious Freedom Act", Georgia's next entrant in the race to the bottom.

While Arizona's "Turn Away the Gay's Bill" is getting national attention, Georgia's state legislature is quickly pushing a similar bill. As usual, the sponsors say it has everything to do with protecting freedom and nothing to do with codifying hate.

The state's legislative session is moving fast this year and this bill has already cleared it's Senate committee. The House version had it's first hearing Monday.

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What state leads the race to the bottom?

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20%7 votes
14%5 votes
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You've seen the headline, I got it AGAIN in the elevator on the way to work this morning: "CEOs push plan to raise full retirement age to 70"

I keep wondering WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE that are so aggressively advocating this prescription for our nations fiscal health.  Are they actuary's, economists, former public servants, fiscal savants?  So, I clicked around to find out more about this group of insightful CEO's.

What do they know that can so inform us about the merits of raising the retirement age?  Peek below the orange squiggly thingy and meet two of them...


How is YOUR retirement covered?

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8%81 votes
4%46 votes
24%241 votes
2%27 votes
16%166 votes
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14%145 votes

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Wed Apr 22, 2009 at 06:36 AM PDT

Secession - Perry All Hat, No Calculator

by wmac

The Rick Perry secession talk obviously touches a nerve with folks on both sides of the political canyon.  Much of the "discussion" has revolved around the audacity, the legality or the patriotism of the secession smack.  How about the basic economics?

When I lived in Texas anyone who talked big without backing it up was considered "ALL HAT, NO CATTLE".  (The condition sometimes known as "alligator mouth with a hummingbird a$$".)  Maybe a sober look at the economics of all the Federal "oppression" would help the governor reassess his hat size and quit challenging the good will of the other lower 47.  So, here’s a starter post.  I’m guessing those with more resources can improve it and help fill in the blanks.


I don’t want to see the Lone Star state cut and run.  However it’s quite possible a Texas secession could fund the entire stimulus package and boost the economy of the remaining United States of America – all the more reason Texans should put a gag on Rick Perry and all the other secessionist grandstanders.  The math starts below the fold:

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