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Who among us is headed to Al Gore's Live Earth: Concerts for a Climate in Crisis?


Which Live Earth venue will you be attending?

69%9 votes
15%2 votes
0%0 votes
0%0 votes
0%0 votes
7%1 votes
7%1 votes
0%0 votes

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Larry Kissell shared coffee and doughnuts with a group of seniors at the Birmingham Pharmacy in Hamlet, NC  to talk about why they're angry about the Medicare prescription drug plan and the consequences of yet another promise broken by Robin Hayes.
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Just got an email from the DCCC congratulating the Kissell campaign on their successful Democratic Day of Action last Saturday.
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aka:  Robin Hayes Makes My Ass Hurt

Hey folks,

Here we are in beautiful Charlotte, NC with some of the Blue NC gang and our CrashingTheStates guys.  

With us is The Southern Dem, BlueSouth, kismet, working for change, hekebolos, Reality Bites Back, our cameraman AJ, and mascot pups Buddy Love and Sweet Pea.

follow me below the fold for all the merriment and mayhem...


Your Favorite Robin Hayes Catch Phrase is:

25%9 votes
11%4 votes
22%8 votes
5%2 votes
8%3 votes
8%3 votes
17%6 votes

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I recently came across a set of images depicting two current residents of the White House.  The composition of these photos was so strikingly similar that I at once thought I had uncovered a pair of twins separated at birth.  Of course, the circumstances behind each caused me to think again.

Follow me below the fold to see for yourself...


Who would make a better president?

2%1 votes
25%11 votes
72%31 votes

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As if we didn't have enough reasons to despise Robin Hayes, this terrible tragedy unfolded Tuesday.

LOWELL, Mass. - A trailer carrying dozens of puppies to Northeast pet stores caught fire just off an interstate, killing all of the estimated 60 dogs inside, authorities said.

What, you may wonder, does Robin Hayes, Republican Congressman from NC, have to do with 60 puppies dead in a tragic truck fire on a Massachusetts highway?  

Follow me below the fold, and I'll tell you...

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Seems like falling stock values wasn't the only hazard at Enron.  

From the BBC News

Enron witness found dead in park

A body found in north-east London has been identified as that of a banker who was questioned by the FBI about the Enron fraud case.

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In his blog today, Dan Froomkin gave the simplest explanation I've ever read about why we're in Iraq and why the NeoCons want us to stay there forever. Follow me below the fold.
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Robin Hayes held a press conference in Charlotte this morning to plug his new E-85 Investment Act bill.  

From Charlotte's WCNC:

The act would give motorists more access to E-85, a mix of ethanol and petroleum gasoline. Hayes proposes giving gas station owners a 75 percent tax credit or up to $30,000 to introduce or make more available the 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent petroleum blend at gas stations.

"It is less expensive, it is biodegradable, it is bio-friendly, and it's also more efficient at a higher octane than regular gasoline," said Hayes.

Unfortunately for Hayes, his voting record on energy policy and his relationship with big oil is public knowledge.

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Good news for Dems in the 8th district....

According to Public Policy Polling survey released April 28, 40% of likely voters support Democratic challenger Larry Kissell while only 32% support incumbant Republican Robin Hayes.  When undecided voters are factored, Kissell maintains a lead of 43% to 35% over Hayes.

When asked if they want to re-elect their Congressman, a mere 28% of those surveyed said yes while 48% said they would vote for someone new.  According to Dean Debnam of Public Policy Polling, 'vote-to-re elect' numbers less than 50% are a sign of vulnerability.

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