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Arnold R. "Arnie" Weber is a Chicago Annenberg Board member. He was an Assistant Secretary of Labor and Associate Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Nixon. Arnie Weber, former president of the Commercial Club of Chicago’s Civic Committee, is a longtime Republican donor. It is a well known fact that, for many years, Arnie Weber was a board member of the **Chicago Annnenberg Challenge**. THIS IS THE SAME ORGANIZATION THAT WAS FOUNDED BY "KNOWN TERRORIST" BILL AYERS!

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Sat Nov 13, 2004 at 11:27 PM PST

Keep the media focus on the polls

by wunderwood

We need to keep the media focus on the poll results. This election was stolen. I am not sure it's possible to unsteal it, but if it was stolen, we need to make sure the rest of the public knows.

One thing we can do is to vote up articles on news sites like Yahoo. Here's a story that deserves more attention:

Democrats Prevail in Washington Ballot Lawsuit

I wonder if Tom Delay's lunatic statements were a pretext for shutting this site down. This site is CLEARLY causing Delay heartburn. It seems to me that he could sic John Ashcroft's storm troopers on us. I would like to know that there is some sort of contingency plan in place to deal with that.

For instance, I suggest that we have a fallback website where we can get information in case this site were to suddenly go offline. If Delay were to make an attack on free speech and the Justice Department were to swoop in and confiscate computers (hey, it happens), I want to be a part of a rapid response, media blitz, protest, whatever.

Years ago, Steve Jackson Games lost access to their computers for a long time when the secret service decideed that SJ Games were hackers (they had a game about hacking). SJ Games eventually won in court, but it took quite a long while. Let's not be caught off guard.

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Thu Oct 21, 2004 at 04:24 AM PDT

Don't get complacent

by wunderwood

I had another diary entry that I deleted because the 1st two posts were strongly critical of my approach. I am going to put this up here briefly and let it be swept away, more as an explanation and apology to the two posters of that previous diary.

The whole goal of my previous diary is to stay on target. I set the title as "We are losing this election" in order to deliberately scare folks into considering that for a second. The point was not to stir controversy in order to generate diary hits, but that is how it came across (so I deleted the diary).

The point was to find a way to "psyche yourself" into the correct mindset. Or perhaps even more accurately, to think about the whole concept of psyching yourself. Right now I am reading threads that feel dangerously cocky. Folks recommending on placing 3-1 bets that Bush won't take 250 electoral votes are great, but let's not get cocky.

That is all I intended by the other (deleted) diary entry and my sincere apologies if it was interpreted in some other way.

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This is the letter I just sent to WB62 (KSMO) our local Sinclair affiliate.

Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 16:08:15 -0500 (CDT)
From: Bill Underwood <...>
Subject: programming request

Please honor BOTH of our presidential candidates by refusing to run the "Stolen Honor" piece on KSMO WB62. I think we both know that this is an attempt to give unfair support to President Bush by trashing Senator Kerry. It is too close to the election and it is probably illegal. I know you are not responsible directly and your station has been ordered to show the piece. That doesn't excuse anything if you follow those orders.

Think about it: If it's illegal, is it management that will be held responsible? Or will each station that airs this bear responsibility?

If someone orders an employee to commit a crime and the employee follows the order, aren't both responsible for the crime? what you are about to do here is a crime against our democracy and may be an illegal campaign contribution. The FCC granted WB62 permission to broadcast over public airwaves. It is not a right; it is a privilege. It seems to me that your company may be abusing that privilege. Will you participate in that abuse?

Read this article about another Sinclair employee that thinks what is happening is a crime:

Sinclair employee decries planned program on Kerry
D.C. bureau chief calls it 'biased political propaganda',0,3085177.story?coll=sfla-newsna tion-front


I have written or called about the Sinclair boycott

91%31 votes
0%0 votes
8%3 votes

| 34 votes | Vote | Results

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Please join me to encourage the Sundance Channel to show either "Fahrenheit 9-11" or "Going Upriver" before Nov 2nd. Also: be sure to watch "Uncovered" tonight on Sundance! Here's the email I sent to them. If you do decide to join me in this campaign, please use different language; don't just copy-and-paste.

Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 11:41:39 -0500 (CDT)
From: Bill Underwood
Subject: Fahrenheit 9/11 or Going Upriver

Please help balance the media a bit more by finding a way to show either Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9-11" or George Butler's "Going Upriver" before the Nov 2nd election. I have been trying to get Sinclair to cancel airing "Stolen Honor: The Wounds that Never Heal" but this looks like a done deal.

Michael Moore has said that he wants to get F/911 broadcast, and Sundance is the closest thing we have. It has been pulled from pay-per-view as too controversial (at least that's my understanding) and I can see that Sundance isn't avoiding controversy (Air America, Uncovered, etc).



Sundance Channel should show one of these films

56%13 votes
30%7 votes
8%2 votes
4%1 votes
0%0 votes

| 23 votes | Vote | Results

My family (my wife and two kids) will eat at Subway pretty frequently. There's one just down the street from us.  But that may have to stop.  I have learned that Subway is advertising on some of the Sinclair TV stations that are showing that movie trashing John Kerry (I think it's called "Stolen Honor"). These guys have been pushing a right-wing agenda for a while now, such as censoring Nightline when they read the names of the soldiers KIA in Iraq.

I doubt that Subway knowingly supports right-wing media, and I like eating at Subway, but I will stop and start eating at Mr. Goodcents instead if your company continues to support these TV stations.

Please contact me to let me know that you are pulling your commercials from any Sinclair stations so that I can spread the word on the websites participating in this nationwide boycott. Thank You for helping to keep our election process fair for all!

==Bill Underwood==

Here's the link to the boycott sinclair page

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According to the official debate transcript, the duly selected President of the United States of America can't tell the difference between these two men (shown below). The one on the left is Senator Ted Kennedy. The one on the right is Senator John Kerry.

"BUSH: Let me see where to start here. First, the National Journal named Senator Kennedy the most liberal senator of all. And that's saying something in that bunch. You might say that took a lot of hard work."

There's more!

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Sat Oct 09, 2004 at 10:13 AM PDT

FOX news brainwashes viewers

by wunderwood

What a difference 12 hours of listening to FOX news makes in public opinion! Clear evidence comes from "who won the 2nd debate" polls below:

See below for poll snapshots and more..

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Thu Oct 07, 2004 at 10:54 PM PDT

Free Republicans vs Free Speech

by wunderwood

If anyone is looking for a way to visit the freepers and share information without being permanently banned, here is a strategy that should work to get around the ban. I am told by others on the dailykos site that this is an IP ban. Frankly, I am not interested in trying to deal with these insane clowns. It's pretty clear that these people are screaming fanatics and are anything but interested in seeing two sides to any issue. But... if anyone else has a different view and wants to give the freepers an unbanned visit, well, God bless them!

Here is one way that you might get around the IP address problem.

There are hundreds of PROXY SERVERS that you can point your browser at. Then whenever you visit a page, it looks like you are coming from that server and it's IP address rather than yours. Seems to be a good way to achieve anonymity. Most of these anonymous proxy servers don't keep web logs and many of them deliberately hide your other details. So, clear your cookies, create a new hotmail account, point at one of the hundreds of anonymous proxy servers and head on over to freepersville and share the love!


Wed Oct 06, 2004 at 04:48 PM PDT

WSJ / Zogby Kerry Poll

by wunderwood

Looks like that librul rag, the WSJ, is saying that Kerry is ahead in the latest Zogby poll. Readers may recall that Zogby is one of the few pollsters that remain unblemished by "push" polling (like Moore) or stacking their numbers to favor their CEO's political position (like Gallup).

Here is a link to the WSJ article: BATTLEGROUND STATES POLL

State electoral map shown below the fold..

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Former U.S. Ambassadors from Republican and Democratic Administrations Endorse Kerry

WASHINGTON, Oct. 4 U.S. Newswire -- Following is a list of more than 180 former United States Ambassadors who have served under Republican and Democratic presidents who today endorsed John Kerry for president

ACtually there are 188... but who's counting? :-D

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