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Wed Jun 22, 2011 at 07:08 AM PDT

"...Now they see the problem..."

by xysea

So, yesterday the MSM found a bit of a loophole in the healthcare bill passed by President Obama and Congress.  It seems that early retirees making up to $64K a year jointly can still qualify for Medicaid.   In the rush to fall all over themselves, President Obama and his administration officials claimed today that they, "now see the problem" and are going to set about fixing it.

Well, from my point of view, I'm not sure they at all do "see the problem" in need of fixing, or if they do it's the wrong problem and the wrong fix.

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Wed Dec 01, 2010 at 06:03 AM PST

Rape is a SERIOUS Allegation

by xysea

Yesterday, there was a diary on the Rec List about Julian Assange and some supposed 'conveniently timed' allegations against him of rape.  I read through some of the comments and was appalled that on a supposedly 'liberal' site, there were some very noxious opinions having to do with 'convenient timing' and people thinking that these women simply 'made up' the allegations or 'asked for it' in some way.

I didn't stick around to see if there was a rebuttal.  I was too disgusted.

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This won't be a long diary, but it is an interesting article.  

Progressive Democratic legislators are crying foul at recent reports that GOP Congressman-elect Andy Harris (R-Md.) complained about the limitations of his congressional health care plan, unveiling a new letter asking such health care reform naysayers to forfeit their own federally provided insurance coverage.

I agree.  If you don't support Federally-funded health care, then put your money where your mouth is.

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In this morning's Washington Post there is a story about corporations holding record amounts of cash, but instead of using that cash to hire millions of out of work Americans they are instead buying back their own stock.

Yes, you heard that right.  Given boatloads of cash, these companies are not hiring anyone with it.  It's another nail in the coffin lid of the 'lower taxes increase revenue and create jobs' mantra that conservatives serve up with regularity.

Clearly, when you increase cash flow and revenue, corporations will not hire people.  Why should they?

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Wed Apr 14, 2010 at 02:16 AM PDT

My Weird Census Form Experience So Far

by xysea

Hi, this won't be a terribly long diary, but I felt this issue isn't getting a whole lot of attention (but then maybe it's me?).  I did hear about the guy who pulled the shotgun on a Census Worker.

My story isn't that bad, just suspicious.  I think someone has probably tampered with my mail.

Follow me below for the full story.

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Mon Feb 01, 2010 at 01:44 PM PST

Sen Chris Dodd to kill banking reform?

by xysea

We've always known that Sen Chris Dodd is a big friend to banks. They loved it that he was leading the charge for reform, because that meant no real teeth to the reform.  It seems now it was all posturing anyway, because he's setting aside his own reform package to come up with a strange 'bi-partisan' effort that looks distinctly weaker than his own weak offering.

Between 2005 and 2008, Dodd was among the top five recipients of money in the Senate from 19 industries, many of which are finance-related. He's currently the top recipient in the Senate of money from mortgage bankers and brokers, and the Senate's second highest beneficiary of money from insurance companies and finance and credit companies.

Still he had a reform bill in the works.  Sort of.

I guess he didn't like the fact that the President's bill was going to eclipse his, and contain more stringent regulation of the very people who contribute the most to Sen Chris Dodd's campaign coffers...I guess I don't know what the h*ll he's thinking.

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On the heals heels of Congress' gutting of the public option in favor of a cobbled together piece of legislation that leaves most people like me out of the picture, I have some personal (humiliating) experience with how even those with insurance aren't protected, aren't safe.

For the record, I am government employed (city government) and I have health coverage (ostensibly).  I pay my premiums faithfully as they are auto-deducted from my pay, 1/2 on pay period, 1/2 the other.  My daughter is also covered under this policy.

It's not grand; I've got a $750 per person deductible, a $20 co pay for office visits, a $20 and up co-pay for meds and specialists are covered 70/30.

Today, I learned that means not a lot, actually.

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This is going to be a bit of a climate change rant, but I am so tired of Americans viewing climate change as something they don’t need to pay attention to, or something that is ‘just happening’ and won’t impact them, or our way of life.  They don’t know how wrong they are about that, and everyone will pay for their denial – most especially poor, minority women and children.

Why are people in the US so reluctant to accept information that is viewed as mainstream in Europe.  Again, in a parody of American exceptionalism we are the only Western nation to even question the science.   Of course, we’re the only country in the Western world to incarcerate 25% of our population, but that’s another diary for another day. Of course, we're the only Western Country to hold one quarter of the world's incarcerated individuals, far more than any other in the Western world, but that's another diary for another day.

Follow me below the equator for more...

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13-yo with Asperger's syndrome goes missing for 11 days, and spends all that time on a subway and hardly anyone notices or does anything?

Garcia said her son wore the same clothes for 11 days, slept in subway cars, used bathrooms in stations and spent most of his time over those days underground. He had $11 when he disappeared, she said, and he ate lollipops, potato chips and other food he bought in subway stations.


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I woke up this morning today to the fact that five Florida men, mostly of minority and lower-income backgrounds, were sentenced to jail time.  It's not that unusual an occurrence, in and of itself, it's that these men were tried three times, twice a mistrial was declared, until the prosecutor got his desired result:  conviction.

I have to wonder what kind of justice system it is that would spend literally millions on trying 5 defendents on specious, evidence and keep trying them until they are convicted.  That, to me, seems to pervert the course of justice.  Two juries were unable to find these men guilty based on the evidence.  That should have been enough.

More below the fold.

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In its 2009 state of the world population report, the agency said the world's poor are the most vulnerable to climate change and the majority of the 1.5 billion people living on $1.0 a day or less are women.

  1. Women need better, easier access to help with reproductive health/contraception/family Planning.
  1. Poor women have limited options for providing for family, they  mainly rely upon agriculture which is already feeling the effects of climate change.
  1. Women generally have the burden of caring and providing for children, other family members and the sick, which means they need to supply more than just themselves.

Because women are often the poorest in society and have less power over their lives, less recognition of economic worth and bear the brunt of raising children, they suffer more...

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Fri Nov 13, 2009 at 09:19 AM PST

NASA finds large ice field on Moon

by xysea

Live press conference going on CNN for all you space buffs...

Apparently, the find is 'significant'.  They are attempting to explain how and what they found.

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