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I used to cross the country on US 10 once a year for a long time.  My mother lived in San Antonio and I lived in LA.  I had it down to a fine science.  It took me 22 hours.  Since I was already getting old I had a good time with it.  Using two days to drive and two nights in a hotel etc.  When I was young I just drove the 22 hours straight through.  The last time I did this was 2000 when my mother died and it was not a planned trip and it was in the summer.

When I crossed in 2012, I was astounded at the differences.  And I am going to described them below.

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When I was 26(now 70), I left the Catholic Church and converted to another religion.  In essence, it was because of sex.  I was not willing to give it up.  Nor accept its sole purpose was for procreation.  The position of the Catholic church was that I had attended preCanna conferences and married in a high nuptial mass and there was nothing to undo it.  Therefore, no matter what my husband may do in abandoning me and my child, my marriage vows would remain for me intact until death.

All five of the justices responsible for these decisions against women are acting from the enshrinement of Catholic beliefs. For them to do otherwise would risk their Catholic standing and would become a sin requiring confession and absolution resting on promising to sin no more.  

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I was born poor but didn't know it because every one around me was poor and there was no TV then to show me how the other class lived. By ten we achieved being middle class because my mother went to work.  I have been considered rich twice because of who I married.  I was a single mother as an RN for ten years between marriages.

I worked as a private duty nurse starting at 26 for the really really wealthy in San Francisco.  From them I learned their coded symbols and particular paranoia's.  I was literally passed from rich family to rich family because of my skills which was not just nursing but the ability to step up and do what needed doing when it needed doing no matter what.  I learned that being poor.

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I remain computer illiterate and had a hard time finding out how to write this dairy.  I please please ask someone bigger and better than I to write a proper diary on this latest analysis of NSA.

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Thu Nov 22, 2012 at 03:41 PM PST

Computer for Puddycat

by yoduuuh do or do not

We have reached out to help a lot of people here at DKos.  I hardly write diaries any more.  It appears the last one was about The Nephew which in itself explains a lot.  I am asking this community to help some one who has demonstrated heart, mind, body and soul the epitome of a commited democratic kossack.

Someone with more cachet than I, needs to see that we get a computer/laptop for puddycat.

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I have been on TFFN for quite some time.  Matt put it well, I am not near so much a fighter as a flighter.  My best experience as an Army brat is how easy it is to leave and start over.

I have a hard time writing here because I find at this time in my life I can't take meaness in any form.  It is just too painful.  I also have a hard time but do understand that a lot of what I see as meanness is failure to understand in an empathetic way.

So as you start this diary remember I am brain damaged, not good technologically, and I have had some of the same experiences as Matt with people looking for gotcha more than I hear you.

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I have not posted a diary for a long time but I do read here every day.  I have just been too frustrated with everything to do any thing.    Today I got a notice from ATT that because of my credit report from Equifax they are putting me on a 15 day payment cycle which means I will have to pay a full months payment every 15 days.

This will be almost impossible for me to do.  It is highly punitive and they say there is absolutely no recourse.  It is simply policy.  Below are the details.

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Mon Apr 25, 2011 at 03:04 AM PDT

Results of My TTFN

by yoduuuh do or do not

I just completed 30 days of TFFN that was not of my choosing.  This is the only site I ever have problems with and I have no idea why.  Thirty days ago, I could not longer comment, write diaries or log on.  I could only lurk.

iI went through 9 months of that before and I read about others having the problem and switching to google chrome which worked.  That period ended just shortly before DK4 started being tested.  My trying to do it made me feel that I was never going to be successful working this site and I was sick and tired-- of being sick and tired of the pie fights.  Next my story of internet roam.

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Tonight like some others I have decided to write what I find to be important.  I have been on a spiritual site now more than this and as a result have again lost my TU.

This diary is about the major political information that blew my mind.

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Kirkengaard:  Life is lived forward but only understood looking back.

This was my busiest time of life; multiple jobs, school, new marriage and new family.  I think I am participating to some degree.  I am reading six newspapers a day.  And I do not really have a clue to the big picture.

One because the media is already lying and I really don't think that is possible on the things that matter; particularly the facts and figures of economics.

Two because all interaction with other people is based on their self interests and the same information we share by the media.

Recently I watched Ben Wattenbery on a PBS special called Heaven on Earth the Rise and Fall of Socialism.  This was done in 2005.  This is why so many people vote against their interests.  Much of this is history but it is distorted presentation.  We need to see it, understand it, and be prepared to counter it.  Remember it is the smartest and most concerned who try to understand this way.  Worse this is what is shown in schools.

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Sun Jan 02, 2011 at 07:40 AM PST

The Gods That Don't Fit

by yoduuuh do or do not

I was born and raised Catholic.  My church was huge beautiful mystical and unknowable.  The language spoken I had no clue what it meant but it sounded sweet.  The music made my heart soar.  The nuns and priests live what looked like a non human life.  As a woman born of a woman my place was just to be a mother or a nun--take your choice.

I never had a reason to doubt; therefore, I never had a reason to question.  I essentially did what I was told until one day it all stopped working for me.

I had a high nuptial mass, pre canna conferences, posted bans, etc. the whole nine yards.  I married a man with the same background.  I was 19 and he was 21.  Then we moved to San Francisco for him to go to medical school.  He began wine, women, and song.  I had been taught that was his right. Eventually, he chose to be one of California's first dissolutions.  He even wanted to sell our daughter in a private adoption.  I had absolutely no power.

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I have great periods of dismay with this site, but it also causes me to do deep meditations.  I have spent years trying to understand why we cannot come to consensus about almost anything.  And lately, why on a whole with such an educated population we would have take such time and trouble to work out on one another.

Then I found myself caged in my own irony because I like badabing in many so ways that I would cut her a rhetorical slack that I am furious at myself for buying from Obama.

I have recently really opened my mind and been mind blown by many of the documentary films I have watched on line.  One of the best:

The great moral of the story to me is that Spartacus was a democrat, and because of his friends and associates, he snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  Details below the fold.

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