I was going to subscribe to Kos, but suddenly I'm not so sure about this community.

20 kids are dead and there are all these long, inlvolved, obviously labored-over diarys about how it's bad that people are "blaming" gamers or mentally illl people or whatever.

That's not the problem people. The problem is; there are 20 dead kids.

Your hurt feelings for people saying "bad" things about your subset of citizens is not important at this juncture.

Because all that pales in the face of 20 dead kids.

Look, the shooter was mentally ill. No, I don't have a diagnosis of the issue, but it is SELF EVIDENT that the guy that slaughtered 20 innocent kids was mentally ill.

He was also a big gamer. Loved those shoot-'em-up games.

I understand that these facts might cause pain for some. But they're FACTS.

So get over yourselves. It might be unfair, but not as unfair as getting shot 11 times at the age of 6.

Guess which of these problems I would like to solve first.