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Sat May 24, 2014 at 10:12 AM PDT

Elliot Rodger Video

by zenox

This is not a diary but a quick posting of a site with a working video:Link for Elliot Rodger's video

There should be an in depth study of what we see in the video. Trigger warning.


I couldn't add anything to this. I feel numb. Yeah. That's the word.



It is not "breaking news," of course, but from the dime a dozen 'Obama = Orwellian NSA surveillance of American citizens and the heinous betrayal of our innocent foreign allies (gasp!) diaries showing up on the rec list here since the day a baby faced ex-spy (if we are to buy his word) named Snow something heroically whistled into our collective amygdalas, one would wonder...

Well, may be I am wrong and you all knew it all along so if that is the case please do enlighten me, otherwise I am going to do my best 'breaking' these news while knowing that it may earn me a dozen plus troll attacks in addition to well-meaning "progressive" finger wags for extra measure...but so be it:

Ezra Klein in his recent article Link published in Wonkblog informs us about the actual nuts and the bolts of the Federal (and other) surveillance mechanism, explaining that,

To use its surveillance powers — tapping phones or reading e-mails — the federal government must ask permission of the court set up by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. A FISA judge can deny the request or force the government to limit the scope of its investigation. It’s the only plausible check in the system. Whether it actually checks government surveillance power or acts as a rubber stamp is up to whichever FISA judge presides that day.
What? Wait...this means the Federal government (the evil, devil mammoth powered govmint, you know...) not only does not have God-like powers over FISA but actually 'must ask permission of' the presiding FISA judge before doing the nasty?

But that's not yet the best part. The best part comes next:

The 11 FISA judges, chosen from throughout the federal bench for seven-year terms, are all appointed by the chief justice. In fact, every FISA judge currently serving was appointed by Roberts, who will continue making such appointments until he retires or dies. FISA judges don’t need confirmation — by Congress or anyone else.
Owww!!! "...does not need confirmation by Congress or anyone else [hint: the president. Correct me if I am wrong, folks]"

Now that's "breaking news." At least for some of us on Dailykos, that is. Not done yet. Read below the orange croissant for more 'disturbing' enlightenment from Mr. Klein

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I don't believe I have the words or the authority to add to this video of heart wrenching, soul searing sadness and beauty of human struggle against tyranny;....I will leave it to your judgment. All I can ask from you is to please share....the title of the song: "Insan insan hep dediler...insan nedir simdi bildim" (They said human, human...I now know what is human, human...)                    

Turkey is on fire folks. The people are fighting against the forces of tyranny, oppression and theocracy. These are liberal, secular lovers of democracy and human rights. They are students, intellectuals, doctors, lawyers, businessman, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. They are fighting against insanity. What happens to them will have profound consequences for the world, especially the U.S. Let us pay more attention to their plight. Now.


Explosion kills more than 40, many more wounded in Turkish town of Reyhanli, near Syrian border. The town is full of Syrian refugees. Assad forces are suspected. This is not a diary, since the events are developing. Al Jazeera link is the best I could find so far:


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Tue Apr 16, 2013 at 08:40 AM PDT

They are not "Terrorists"

by zenox

Individuals who randomly target unidentified civilians in the middle of a city like Boston do not deserve to be identified themselves as or associated with groups or causes they may claim to have.

Their causes, whatever they are, are illegitimate because they target random crowds potentially including persons who might be sympathetic to similar causes.

Their politics, whatever it is, are illegitimate because they target random crowds potentially including persons who might be affiliated with their own political convictions (right, left, conservative, liberal, etc.)

Calling them "terrorists," gives them legitimacy, in a twisted fashion, which they don't deserve.

They don't deserve identity, recognition, description or definition of any kind because they don't choose their targets based on identity, description or definition of any kind.

People they murder in the most heinous manner (defenseless state) could include any and all races, ethnicities, religious convictions, political associations, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, ideologies, ages, classes, ad infinitum.

In other words, unidentifiable.

Therefore, they too must be stripped off of all identities and causes they may claim to have.

They have none.

They are COWARDS

Not "terrorists."

The president of the United States was correct in denying unknown persons legitimacy of identity.

We will find them and they shall know justice

as who they really are:



Sat Apr 06, 2013 at 11:08 AM PDT

"We" Erred...Many Times

by zenox

As an attempt to shed some light on our forever ongoing bipolar "Obama rocks & sucks" debate here on Dailykos and on national scene in general, I like to share with you the thought provoking video in which the world renowned psychiatrist/author/researcher Dr. Ian McGilchrist discusses his recent book titled "The Master and His Emissary." This is not so much of a diary, but a sharing of a scholarly work I believe as consequential to our political realities, simply because I don't feel I have the expertise to interpret McGilchrist's book, other than stating what I see as the bottom line, briefly:

That, when it comes to how our brains work in relation to making sense of the world,

The "right hemisphere" (defined as the "master" in McGilchrist's book) knows that it does not know alone and that it must work in unity and harmony with the "left hemisphere" for proper reasoning and survival. It is the "wise" one, the peaceful one, in other words.

The "left hemisphere" (defined as the "emissary of the master" in the same book) does not know that it does not know alone and therefore is not interested in working with its other half, the right brain hemisphere. In other words, the "left brain" (emissary) thinks that it is the master (and the whole) by itself thus unaware of its dependence for its survival and sense making, on its other half. It thinks black and white, power, win-lose.

"Master" is "aware of its unity with its other half": Tends to bring about Renaissances and evolution in grand scale. The division between the arts and the sciences disappear.

"Emissary" is "unaware of its halfness and its unity with its other half" (forgets, denies, amnesic, controlling, rigid, schizophrenic). Tends to bring about empires, dictatorships, materialism, greed, wars and eventual decline and destruction by insanity. It is "trapped" in a cycle of power and powerlessness.

The book offers a detailed study of the history of the West in which the periods of awareness of both (Yin/Yang), the natural unity of the right and the left hemispheres creating sudden explosions of "Renaissances," followed by steep declines into the left hemisphere's rigid rationality (egoistic and unnatural) takeover resulting in empires and their inevitable destructions. The cyclic rise and the fall of Hellenistic and Roman civilizations are examples to such and the European Renaissance plus the British Romantic period were results of the Yin and the Yang unity awareness.

In addition, Ian McGilchrist observes that we are in another period of left hemisphere ("left" here not to be confused by the political "left") takeover in recent times and thus (in his terms) his study made available to the world in his book, "The Master and His Emissary," is for the purpose of "rising awareness" to our brains' natural unity and how things go wrong when we become unaware (in cyclic patterns) of this unity. I must insert here that it is hard to disagree with him about the "left hemisphere takeover," considering the shape of the things so far.

In conclusion, I do not know if Ian McGilchrist would agree with me on how I think his theory reveals the (unified and aware) mindset of people like Barack Obama but I think it is worth mentioning here.  I will however leave the judgment to you, ultimately.

One key point in approaching Ian McGilchrist's theory: One needs an open mindset with a big "O," willing not only to listen but also to hear what is being communicated.

The link for the video mentioned above:

Iain McGilchrist @ Schumacher College: Things Are Not What They Seem

Note: I am currently reading "The Master and His Emissary." I recommend it highly. Well worth your time. It is a book that needs to be read more than once.

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Fast changes are happening in the Middle East. I believe they are of utmost interest to us, here in the U.S., therefore should be followed closely. Our media, as usual however, is busy inspecting its nails while the international media sources are exploding with daily, if not hourly headlines, reporting these amazing changes going on in the Middle East. I have been tracking the Turkish Daily (Hurriyet), Milliyet and the AlJazeera while making a list of the headlines, trying to see the big picture that seem to have risen out of president Obama's recent visit to Israel:

So far:

-Netanyahu's apology for the flotilla incident started a speedy recovery of the relations between Turkey and Israel. So much that even the tourism business in Turkey is highly energized with the expectation of receiving hundreds of thousands of Israeli tourists starting this summer. Before the relationship going sour, Turkey annually received 500 000 Israeli tourists, as being one of the favorite destinations for the Israeli people.

-Abdullah Ocalan, the jailed PKK leader called out with a message for cease-fire and returning of unity and peaceful relationships between all ethnicities in Turkey. The rebel fighters from Northern Iraq have stopped fighting and are expected to leave the country in the (very) near future. This means more stable and safe Turkey.

-CIA is supplying weapons to the Syrian rebel forces through Turkey

I gave links for the list above in my previous two diaries on the subject which I posted yesterday.

Today, so far:

-"Arab League Welcomes Syrian Opposition," from Al Jazeera:


-The big picture is anything but clear given the gargantuan complexities involving the region but there are little breaks of sunshine where some sort of clarity is coming to the surface. One, for example, is that there is no doubt that both Assad and Iran are becoming mightily isolated and pressured with the sudden turn of these events.

We can also add to this cauldron the news of the Afghani president Karzai's plan to make a speech on possible peace with the Taliban (no doubt part of the plans to end the war in Afghanistan).

I believe we need to pay more attention to these recent news since what happens in the Middle East is an enormous interest to the United States, as we well know from the pains we have suffered during the last decade or so. To me, there really is a chance of peace, benefiting not one or two but all parties in the region. The recognition of this fact (that they can prosper better as friends than enemies) and the fatigue of the endless fighting and bloodshed may just have started to change minds and hearts, showing the people how they can all share and prosper together as the result. I am seriously beginning to hope for the possibility of this change.

Thank you president Obama. You sure move in mysterious ways;)

Stay tuned.


In his Nevruz (festival of spring) message, Abdullah Ocalan, the jailed leader of PKK, calls out to all fighting rebels to cease fire and withdraw, ending the fight. Welcoming Ocalan's call for peace, unity, and reconciliation, hundreds of thousands of people celebrate Nevruz in Diyarbakir province of South Eastern Turkey.

Ocalan's message signals for the beginning of a "new era" in which struggles will be carried on by means of democracy, not armed conflict:

We have come to a point today where guns shall be silenced and thoughts and ideas shall speak. A modernist paradigm that ignores, denies and externalizes has collapsed. Blood is being shed from the heart of this land, regardless of whether it is from a Turk, Kurd, Laz or Circassian. A new era begins now; politics comes to the fore, not arms.
Read the rest in Turkish Daily News (Hurriyet):



Thu Mar 07, 2013 at 03:16 PM PST

Get Your "Drone-Proof" Burka, Already...

by zenox

Yes I meant burkas and there is serious science (really) behind what I am talking about. Scientific American has recently published an article informing public about fashion designer Adam Harvey's Stealth wear line of hoodies, scarves and burkas designed to make their wearers invisible to infrared surveillance cameras, particularly those on drones.

Follow me below the orange pretzel if you want to know more about this new line of Drone-Proof fashion that is out of a science fiction novel.

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Sat Oct 20, 2012 at 08:47 AM PDT

Mimic Romneypus?

by zenox

    The wonder of nature never misses its mark when it comes to teaching us about human nature and one of the examples to this phenomenon is a delightfully deceptive creature called "Mimic Octopus."

     I met this crafty shape shifter a while back when it first came to the attention of the researchers worldwide, and was presented in videos for public's amusement and education. My immediate thought was about its intellectual similarity to the deceptive pretenders of mankind, who would skillfully adept any and all backgrounds to achieve their ends, truth and principles be damned. In that sense I think Mitt Romney's behavior is a perfect example and I decided to take the oppurtunity to write this short diary to share my thoughts with you.


Who would make a better president?

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