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From The Caucus

Karl Rove, the top adviser to former President Bush, and Harriet Miers, a former White House counsel in the previous administration, have agreed to give testimony to the House Judiciary Committee in its investigation of the firings of United States attorneys, House leaders announced tonight.

The two will give sworn depositions; the Judiciary Committee reserved the right to ask them to testify in public.

Sorry for the drive-by. I am going to see if this is already up, and if so, I'll delete.



The current polling shows an Obama advantage on the economy, but still gives McCain the nod on foreign policy. Tonight's debate is ostensibly about foreign policy (although we all know that there may well be some questions about the economy as well).

If Obama can win the debate tonight and put the "foreign policy" issue to bed, you have to like his chances going into October.

So here's what he needs to say, as often as possible tonight, to make that happen.....

America's security, particularly in a crisis, depends on foreign policy decisions being made calmly and rationally.

Follow me for more detail...

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From the NY Times website, at 3:23 pm. The source is his family.

I will update as more info becomes available.

UPDATE: Russert was 58. According to the NY Post (via Huffington Post), he collapsed in NBC's Washington Bureau.

UPDATE: I am having limited internet access, and there is now a front-page post about this. Please unrecommend this diary and go to SusanG's here.


From the NY Times at 9:50am EDT:

Gov. Eliot Spitzer, reeling from revelations that he had been a client of a prostitution ring, will resign today, some of his staff members said they have been told, though the precise timing remains unclear.

Lt. Gov. David A. Paterson would then be sworn in to replace him in Albany. But because even Mr. Spitzer’s most senior aides have been so surprised by revelations of their boss’s behavior, they said that they cannot be certain about a resignation until Mr. Spitzer makes it official.

...According to aides, the governor also contemplated the possibility of impeachment charges and the legal ramifications of not resigning. But he was faced with little support among Democrats in the Legislature, with whom he has had an often contentious relationship.

“An impeachment proceeding would force Democrats to either abandon him or defend him,” said one leading Democrat. “They would abandon him.”

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I'm more of a lurker than a poster these days.

And this was already mentioned here.

Nonetheless, I think it bears repeating. Our long national nightmare is finally, finally drawing to a close.

Today is January 20, 2008, and it's 12:28pm as I write this.

One year from this moment we will have a new president!

Just a quick reminder. :)


Very short diary, and I will delete if this is already covered.

NY Times:

Just hours after President Bush said he will nominate Michael B. Mukasey, a former federal judge from New York, as his next attorney general, Senate Democrats warned today that they might hold up Mr. Mukasey’s confirmation unless the White House turns over some documents they are seeking.


But a quick confirmation will not happen unless the White House supplies documents that the Senate Judiciary Committee needs in connection with several investigations, the committee chairman, Senator Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont, said this afternoon.

“Our focus now, of course, would be on securing the relevant information the committee needs to proceed to schedule fair and thorough hearings,” Mr. Leahy said on the Senate floor, adding that “cooperation with the White House would be central” to determining the schedule of confirmation hearings.

Go Leahy!


A new poll was just released on the Washington Post website.

Under the headline Poll: Americans Find Bush Unyielding on Iraq--Majority Says Congress Should Have Final Say on Troop Withdrawal comes even more proof that Americans want Congress to do the right thing now.

Most Americans see President Bush as intransigent on Iraq and prefer that the Democratic-controlled Congress make decisions over a possible withdrawal of U.S. forces, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

As the president and Congress move toward a possible constitutional confrontation over the war, both receive negative marks from the public for their handling of the situation in Iraq. But by a large margin, Americans trust the Democrats rather than the president to find a solution to a conflict that remains enormously unpopular. And more than six in 10 in the new poll said Congress should have the final say on when to bring the troops home.

Actual poll results here.

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Wed Jul 18, 2007 at 03:28 PM PDT

Transformer explosion in NYC

by zknower

Near where I work, at 42nd & 3rd.

(Another explosion rumored to have occurred in financial district, but no confirmation of this from media...however a few people on the street have heard this story).

Word is the uptown one was a transformer that blew due to flooding, but it looks much larger than that.

Not trying to start a panic, just giving news. We are being told to evacuate the area.

Will not be able to update, as I will not have internet until I get home. Just want people to know.

UPDATE (6:36pm) We have been told it was a transformer. Officials have anbnounced it as not terrorist related.


Hello fellow Kossacks:

I'm a long-time member of dKos (UID 14987). I don't remember exactly when I joined, but it was probably around the spring of '04. I used to post all the time, but my life got complicated, and now I'm more of a lurker. But I still visit the site just about every day, and I do my best to stay well-informed. Please bear with me and read what I have to say today; I'll try to be brief (not my strong suit, alas).

Kos' frontpage diary about Jim Webb today caught my eye because it pointed up a dynamic I've been aware of for a while.


I watched Webb's incredible Dem Response last night, and spoke to a few friends to rejoice about it.

"Webb is the Man!"

"First his exchange with Bush in December and now this!"

"I am so glad he put us over the top in the Senate!"

The reaction, amongst many of my friends, was more or less blank stares: "Who is this guy again?"

Are you kidding me? Who is Jim Webb? How could you not know him by now? Have you never been to dKos?

See below the fold for where I'm going with this....


Is there a need for a separate "Volunteer/Contribute" dKos Community?

91%32 votes
8%3 votes

| 35 votes | Vote | Results

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Perhaps one of the highest priorities for the next congress should be a series of inititatives that will truly reform voting in this country--to, once and for all, make voting the level playing field it should be.

Right off the bat, they could establish a Federal Voting Holiday; this is an idea that has been discussed before, but seems to get airplay only in the wake of a major Democatic defeat.

It's time to give it airplay in the wake of a major Democratic victory.

More after the jump.

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Wed Nov 08, 2006 at 05:48 AM PST


by zknower

There has been a thread all night long about the Montana results, including much discussion of the recounts in Yellowstone, and the final numbers trailing in.

That thread is now nearly 800 comments long. We're on to discussing Montana recount laws.

Let this be a new thread so people's computers can handle the pageloads.

If you're discussing the Montana results, please recommend this thread and switch to it.

Thanks, from a west coaster who stayed up all night to watch.


Wed Oct 25, 2006 at 05:43 PM PDT

TN-Sen: Mehlman pulls racist Ford Ad!

by zknower

According to the NY Times' Caucus Blog, Ken Mehlman announced on CNN's the Situation Room that the offsensive Republican ad had been pulled from the airwaves.

The Caucus has been swamped, swamped, by readers talking about this ad, which includes a lot of to-and-fro about Mr. Ford receiving money from the pornography industry (which he returned) and ends with a blond (white) woman coyly urging him to call her.

(Way to go, Kossacks; your voices were heard!)

Mr. Ford's opponent, Bob Corker, the Republican former mayor of Chattanooga, asked that the commercial be dropped late last week. But Mr. Mehlman insisted, even today, that because of campaign finance laws forbidding the coordination between national parties and independent expenditures, had no authority to get it off the airwaves.

More below the fold...

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