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Tue Dec 09, 2014 at 10:34 PM PST

CIA: None Dare Call It Rape

by zootfloggin

I thought I could not be shocked by the CIA torture report until I listened to NPR's Audie Cornish interview with the former Deputy CIA director John McLaughlin:

CORNISH: What about the issue, then, of the brutality itself? Another charge here is that the program was just much more brutal than the CIA represented to law makers or to the public, and gets fairly graphic in terms of things like abuse of detainees rectally and things like that.I mean, what's your response to the idea of the brutality being far worse than represented?

MCLAUGHLIN: Well, people need to read the CIA rebuttal on this.

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Just as Hurricane Sandy makes landfall and devastates large portions of New Jersey, Republican Governor Chris Christie praises Obama's leadership (from the NY Times Liveblog):

‘Mr. Christie said Mr. Obama had called to make sure he had everything needed from the federal government and left a number to call him directly at the White House should any unmet needs arise.
“I appreciate that call from the president,” Mr. Christie said. “It was very proactive. I appreciate that kind of leadership.”
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Almost everyone has heard of Hurricane Sandy by now (Saturday afternoon).  Current predictions are bad, very bad.  Here in Pennsylvania, we are already getting rain and the temperature is dropping.  If you have not read beholderseye's comprehensive diary yet, do it now.  If you are in the storm path, read both the diary and the comments--they contain important and life-saving information.  There is real potential for this to be a historically destructive storm.

The paradox is that if President Obama temporarily stops his own active campaigning, it may help him win the election.   President Obama should make an announcement that he is suspending personal involvement in the campaign for the duration of the crisis and turning the responsibility for his campaign to the campaign managers.   His full attention should be devoted to preventing destruction from Hurricane Sandy and recovering from its losses.  

Lest I be labeled a troll, please hear out my reasoning.


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Not yes, but HELL YES!

Four years ago, our country was headed straight for a cliff: with our markets crashing and economic liquidity at the Death Valley levels.  House bankruptcies had already been determined, it just took a while for the banks to robo-stamp the papers.  Most of the jobs that would be lost--already had been lost.

Bin Laden was alive and Al-Qaida had been rope-a-doping us for seven years.

If you had a pre-existing condition, like the bad luck of being born with a heart defect? Too. Fucking. Bad.

Four years ago, GM stood for General Malaise.  

We were stuck in the rut of Iraq, with 4,487 of our boys and girls dead and nearly 40,000 maimed and wounded.  

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At least 47 other US citizens murdered.

Over 64 separate bombings and bomb plots, including crashing a plane into a federal building; ricin, anthrax, cyanide, radioactive "dirty" bombs, and lots of C-4. Hand grenades, pipe bombs, land mines and fertilizer-fuel bombs.  Plots to blow up refineries, synagogues, mosques and Federal buildings.  Successful sabotage of an Amtrak train in Arizona that killed a passenger.  Many, many mass-shootings.  Well over a hundred Americans wounded.  Trained and organized snipers, with support teams, looking for a kill.  

Three policeman gunned down in Pittsburgh.  Another two in New Hampshire, two in South Carolina, two in Arkansas, two in Okaloosa, FL and another two in Bastrop, Louisiana. These are just the cases of multiple cop-killings.

Then last Thursday, two more deputies were ambushed and killed, and another two wounded, in a suburb of New Orleans.  Just a few days after a terrorist opened fire, killing six Americans in the Wisconsin Oak Creek Sikh temple massacre (and possibly others).  All of this committed by homegrown, right-wing terrorists after Timothy McVeigh in 1995.  After we knew what could happen.

Where is the outrage?    

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Mon Apr 09, 2012 at 07:52 PM PDT

Mr. 14%

by zootfloggin

I just googled "Mr. 14%" and "Mr. 14 percent".   Did I get Mitt Romney's website as a google hit?  No, I did not.  

I want you to do something for me just because I am an old-time lurker:

1. Copy the following phrase:  "Mitt Romney Mr. 14%"
2. Paste this phrase into your web browser and search it.  

Do it now.  Make sure to include the whole phrase: Mitt Romney Mr. 14%.  Done?  OK, go back and start reading other more intelligent and useful diaries than this one.  

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Sat Oct 11, 2008 at 03:06 PM PDT

Bin Laden's October sucker punch?

by zootfloggin

Stepping back from the Palin trooper scandal and the mob scenes at McCain events, what in the larger picture is the most likely thing to throw the election to McCain?

I love wonky websites like 538.  I can't get enough of their regression analyses, weighting criteria and inside-baseball look at the election.  So, it shouldn't be surprising to see one of the most insightful, wonkful diaries there, written by Rany Jazayerli on the biggest danger to a Obama-Biden election:

...this is the month where dramatic late-breaking news can tip an election. In fact, given the sizable lead that Barack Obama has now opened up – roughly six points in the national polls, with a favorable electoral map – and the crystallizing of opinions among the electorate, it may be that only dramatic late-breaking news can tip this election.

So, what is the October Surprise that could tip the election to McCain-Palin?  The answer is both surprising and obvious but no one is talking about it.  Hint: McCain isn't going to be the one dropping the bomb if it comes and it is transparently predictable.

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Fri Sep 19, 2008 at 06:49 PM PDT

Please Kos....Rant

by zootfloggin

Lots of times I want to forward a particularly insightful diary or frontpage entry to my friends and family, and there is no obvious way to do this in the current dailykos format.   Why can't you put a little button-thingey at the end of every diary so that we can forward the URL to other people?  Man, I would love to be able to easily forward one of Jerome's diaries to my dad who is concerned about US economics or FleetAdmiralj's diaries or many others.  

But, unless I copy and paste the URL, I can't do it.   Could you just like suggest to your tech-guy(s) or gal(s)  to add a little button thingey that would allow your readers to forward by email a particularly insightful diary.  Like the way all the traditional media now do it with a click of the mouse?  Just a thought.  


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Scientists have an odd Holiday season—it comes every second week of October when the annual Nobel Prizes are announced.  They receive the gifts when news stories on unalloyed triumphs of scientists beat out the usual media pablum about celebrity gossip and sports teams.  By the third week of October, of course, all is forgotten.

This year was particularly special.  Mario Capecchi, Oliver Smithies and Martin Evans won the Medicine Prize for genetically manipulating mouse embryonic stem cells, work that led to uncovering the causes of a host of human illnesses.  I had the honor of hearing Capecchi give a seminar twenty years ago—a great and gracious man.  His mother was imprisoned in Dachau by Mussolini for distributing anti-Fascist literature and Capecchi was a parentless street urchin for three years until his mother found him again after the war.  What an amazing story!

This Nobel Prize was especially galling to fundamentalist rightists—who in many ways resemble Mussolini’s Blackshirts--since it highlights the potential for stem cell biology to help humankind.

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Wow.  Talk about a driveway moment.  NPR just broadcast a story about Jena, a small Louisianna town.  Talk about a powerful story of evil, injustice and racism happening today.   Wow.  Go listen to it rather than reading my diary.  

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Update:  Amazingly good video here.  This guy is a true hero.

Today is a sad day, but it is also a day we will remember and we will be proud for one man named Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Diaz, USN.  History will recognize that today Lt. Cmdr. Diaz--a sailor, a lawyer and a patriot--was brave enough  to say no to war crimes committed by his own country and was persecuted for this bravery.   Today Cmdr. Matthew Diaz was convicted by a court martial of disclosing the names of detainees at Guantanamo Bay to a human rights organization.  He faces up to 14 years in prison.

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Sun Sep 10, 2006 at 06:47 PM PDT

Leni Riefenstahl Awards

by zootfloggin

Vote for the winner of the 2006 Leni Riefenstahl Award!  

(Background:  Leni was not a Nazi.  She was an artist.  Her movies were made by an independent production company, not the Nazi Party.  And she couldn't help that millions of Germans got their hearts thumping with "Triumph of Will", named after the 1934 Reich Party Congress, or Olympiad (conveniently in two parts, »Fest der Völker« and »Fest der Schönheit« also!).  Yes, there was some artistic license with the Reichstag fire, some time compression, composite personalities, yada, yada, yada.)  

So who brought tears to your eyes?  Who was the earnest guy-next-door-hero-oppressed-by-the-Democrats? Who was it that made you feel "völkisch"?

Remember, it's not good propaganda unless it makes you both LAUGH and CRY!


The Winner of the 2006 Reni is:

4%1 votes
0%0 votes
8%2 votes
12%3 votes
0%0 votes
52%13 votes
16%4 votes
8%2 votes

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