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Sat Apr 06, 2013 at 04:57 PM PDT

loss of a child

by zoots dream gearle

I don't care who you are, how you act, what you say, or what you believe, no one should lose a child.

I'm just sharing...Rick Warren's son committed suicide.

We need to do something about mental illness.


Tue Jul 18, 2006 at 12:16 PM PDT

fucking lies

by zoots dream gearle

I'm mad as hell.  While reading the news today, there were many things to get angry about, but this is the outrage that I chose to highlight:

Abortion.  The Radical Religious Right.  The Pro-lifers.  The Lies.

One thing that I find very hard to take: dishonesty.  I've been lied to many times in my life, so has everyone, I suppose. Lies serve no decent purpose. I am not talking about the "You look good in yellow." lie.  Those kind of lies don't effect lives in a negative fashion - other than maybe sending loved ones out into the world looking...well...not their best.  I'm talking about lies that potentialy hurt people.

"I did not cheat on you." "You are my soul mate.""No mom, I didn't drink at the game."

And of course I can't forget the lies like:

"Right now, Iraq is expanding and improving facilities that were used for the production of biological weapons."

But, this isn't about the many lies told to me by my ex-boyfriends, or my teenager.  This isn't even about WMD's or lack there of.  This is about the lies that are told to young teens in crisis across this country everyday.

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I really didn't think I was going to write another diary about this!  Those of you that have been following Matt's story....he surprised his family, and came home about four days early.  He arrived home around noon local time today. His story and pictures below the fold...
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On May 17, I posted a diary at Daily Kos called A Marine `waiting around for chow'.  It was Matt's story. Matt is my cousin's son, and unfortunately his story is not unlike many others that I have heard since this whole thing began.  Since then I have posted a few updates (part duex, part trios) and a call for help. On my own blog there have been almost daily updates, as it has been one thing after another with this fiasco. However, it is not imperative that you read each post to gain something from this one.  I only link them here, so that you may be as informed as you'd like.  

So now the final chapter:  A Marine Coming Home?

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Many of you have been following the story, A Marine 'waiting around for chow'.  Links to: Part one.  Part two. Part three.

We have now entered part four: Operation Calling in the Troops.  

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I should not have to write part three.  I just shouldn't have to write this...

May 19th I wrote the first part of this saga.  Kossacks responded in droves.  The diary was about my cousin's son, a Marine, who was badly injured in Afghanistan, August of 2005. The diary goes on to explain the complete hell this kid's been through since then, and the treatment and/or lack of treatment that he's received, physically, mentally, and spiritually, since then.  He belongs home.

Fast forward to this past Monday, June 12.  I wrote part deux.  In this diary I shared that Matt will no longer be `waiting around for chow', he is coming home.  

Or part three....

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On Monday, Jun 12, over at Orange Gearle in a diary titled student's little paper turns political I wrote:

Now, literally, after I post this I am going to pick up the telephone and call the Democratic Co. Committee. They are having a volunteer orientation in a couple of days and I plan to be there.

....and I did. I called them immediately after posting the diary.

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My first Daily Kos diary, the diary that brought me out of mostly lurker status, was called A Marine "waiting around for chow".  Up until writing it, I had posted a comment, maybe two, over the course of almost two years, but never a diary.  I was so angry with the Marines and this flipping war and what was happening to my cousin's son, I could no longer remain silent.  I had to get it off my chest. I must say that I was overwhelmed by the response to the diary and the many offers to help my cousin and his family.  Thank you all.  So many people read the dairy, commented, recommended, and even emailed others to help, I feel obligated to let everyone know how the story ends...
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Sat Jun 10, 2006 at 01:30 PM PDT

a sphincter says 'amnesty'

by zoots dream gearle

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter has threatened to subpoena administration officials over the NSA scandal.  Specter claimed that he was fed up with the lack of cooperation from the White House, specifically naming Cheney.  As recently as June 7, 2006 he sent a 3 page letter (.pdf)  to Cheney saying it was "neither pleasant nor easy to raise these issues with the administration of my own party."

CNN reports:

"What I'm looking for is sufficient information for the Congress, the Judiciary Committee, to handle our responsibility for congressional oversight on a constitutional issue," Specter said.

Specter wants the administration to submit the National Security Agency's no-warrant domestic surveillance program to a review by a secret federal court.

He called the program a "flat violation" of the 1978 law that set up that court.

But just days later...

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What??  Dubya should be thanked for the music???  I thought it was his predecessor that played the saxophone on Arsenio??  Clinton was our MTV president.  Why thank Dubya??

Eric Clark, from the Cedar Rapids Gazette writes:

"Regardless of how you feel about Bush, I'm here to give him a gold star for at least one of his domestic accomplishments.  Ever since Bush moved into the White House, rock'n'roll has been spectacular."


Do we need to thank George W. Bush for the music?

0%0 votes
0%0 votes
0%0 votes
6%2 votes
25%8 votes
67%21 votes

| 31 votes | Vote | Results

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Today I visited my parents and family.  My mother is a democrat, as are a few from her side of the family.  Then there is the rest.  My brother and father are among the 33% (or whatever the number is now) that are still standing by Bush & Co.  I must say the day was quite depressing for me.  I've given up on them, so as of late I have tried to not mention much of anything relating to politics.  Today, there wasn't much of a choice...
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I'm pissed!  Pissed enough to diary for the first time.  Here's a story for you...

My cousin's son is a Marine.  He joined before he had even graduated from high school (of course).  About a year after he graduated, while yet a teen, his unit was deployed to Afghanistan.  Three months later on August 14, 2005 he was out on a mission with about 35 Marines.  Insurgents surrounded them, and shots were fired.  Many shots.  When all was said and done 211 "Taliban bitches" (as he calls them) were killed that day and 5 Marines were injured, two very seriously.  My cousin's son was one of them.  This kid has wanted to be a Marine and fight for his country for much of his life.  He was injured doing something that he signed up for and was proud to do. I do not agree with this war, and I am pissed off that we are there and all that...but that is not why I am writing this, that's a whole different diary.  It's what has happened since he was shot that fucking pisses me off...

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