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  •  I'm done here; I don't belong anymore. (9+ / 0-)

    I'm done with the abuse being heaped upon responsible gun owners by this community.  I'm done with being tarred and feathered as a freak, a gun-toting hill billy, a massacre waiting to happen. I'm done with the ad hominem attacks on the RKBA community.

    I'm done with the political pandering. Writing diaries on DK putting forth reasons for more gun control... those are not acts of courage. That's preaching to the choir. That's flocking together seeking the comfort of those who agree with you. Do you want an adult conversation or an echo chamber?

    I'm done with the headlong charge to legislate, legislate, legislate because that's what gets you the Patriot act and SOPA. Remember this when someone next comes to curtail your rights. Why is the first solution to any problem always more laws?

    I'm done with partisan, pandering politicians and with political parties. I'm done with the idea that "just $1 to campaign XXX will change everything." No it won't - they just want to manipulate you and separate you from your money.

    I'm done with purity tests and mindless adherence to ideologies. Life is one long compromise and grey area.

    I'm done with the notion that typing pages and pages into the ether and staring at a screen for hours is a worthwhile way to spend my life.

    Is this GBCW? Does it really matter? Do you think that I'm the only one that you're pushing away? You're always going to be convinced that you're right when you only spend time with folks that agree with you.

    I'm going out to play with my kids.  I may be some time.

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