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View Diary: Melissa Harris-Perry to George Will: "Set Down the White Man's Burden" (187 comments)

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  •  MY letter to Mr Will (45+ / 0-)

    I would like to explain to you why I, a white woman, voted to elected our first Black President.  

    In 2008 I was given the choice to vote for John McCain or Barack Obama. I do not agree with much that the current Republican party stands for and was extremely disappointed in the 8 years George Bush served in the White House and I liked what I heard from the Moderate Democratic Candidate and he spoke to many of the ISSUES that concern me: Healthcare reform, Education, Green Energy and Putting Moderates on the USSC among others. President Obama seemed thoughtful, respectful of those that disagreed with him, and serious about taking on the terrible job of cleaning up the financial mess Bush created with unfunded wars, unpaid for tax cuts and a major new prescription program that was not paid for so It was an easy choice for me. Another factor was John McCains 'game changing" choice of Sarah Palin, someone I felt was woefully inadequate to hold the job of Vice President so I weighed the ups and downs and Voted to elect Barack Obama.  it was, as they say, a 'no brainer'

    While I had wished we would be further along by now I realize that The President faced major opposition from Republicans from day one. I watched on CSPAN as day after day Republicans put party above doing the work needed for our nation to recover and it angered me.

     I watched as Moderates were chased from the GOP and replaced with, what I can only say is, crazy people...people who deny Science,  became congressional obstructionists, showed complete disrespect for the Highest office, openly called our President a Liar at a SOTU, embraced Birtherism, denied global climate change based on religious doctrine and openly announced that the intent of the GOP was to make sure the President (and by default OUR COUNTRY) failed during Mr Obamas term in office.

    All of this was going on while many in our nation were hurting and NEEDED congress to act together to help our President craft and put in place solutions but that did not happen. Instead the GOP began to obstruct EVERYTHING, even raising our debt ceiling so we could pay our bills became a political game of hostage taking and our NATION suffered for it.  I watched as Republicans became to oppose things that THEY had heretofore supported all in an effort to not give Mr Obama any 'win' during his  term and I saw a President who quietly pushed through positive legislation despite the republican obstruction efforts.

    Then I endured primary debate after debate from the GOP in which I saw, basically unqualified people vying to be the head of the Republican ticket, people AS unqualified to be President as Ms Palin had been to be VP.

    The GOP settled, and I do mean settled, on Romney as your candidate, a man unsuited for public service, a man uninterested in the needs of average America, a secretive and dishonest man ready to jettison every belief he had held in order to get elected and I feel his only goal IS to get elected and once he achieved that goal we would go right back to the same governing we had under George Bush and America cannot afford to let your party take us back to unpaid for tax cuts, more wars, more climate change denial, drill drill drill and putting more hard right conservatives on the highest court.

    After weighing the pros and cons of the choices I have in this years election it is once again a 'No Brainer' I will happily vote to re-elect our current President and try my best to help him start his second term with a congress that is ready and willing to HELP our country, not obstruct at every turn in order to help their party.

    As you can see, Mr Will, race had nothing to do with my decision in 2008 nor will it have anything to do with my decision in Nov.  If you are looking for a simple explanation for why I, a white woman. will NOT fire the first Black President please look no further then your own party, you offer me nothing to vote for, no qualified candidates, no new ideas, no inkling that any of you even understand the 21st century. The GOP has become a party of by and for itself and so I am voting to re-elect President OBAMA to insure America fully recovers from 8  terrible years under Republican rule.

    may I suggest that the GOP take stock of where IT wants to go and get back to me in 2016, if you still are a national party and given the damage you are doing to yourselves, with middle class and moderate voters, even THAT is questionable.

    (I sent it to Mr Will, may I suggest others let him know your reason for voting to reelect Obama also)

    "You've got to be an optimist to be a Democrat, and a humorist to stay one" - Will Rogers

    by KnotIookin on Sat Oct 06, 2012 at 04:26:32 PM PDT

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