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View Diary: Walmart worker groups may mount Black Friday protests (43 comments)

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    Lets go its about time that the Unions started actively supporting wal mart employees and finding ways to make it easier for workers to walk out in protest knowing they have the financial and emotional backing of their communities and the Unions.  go UCFW, as a former grocery store employee they are a very committed union and I hope they succeed, even though i doubt it, i still hope they succeed in forcing wal mart to either unionize or get out of communities that will no longer tolerate what could arguably be compared to serfdom.

    •  Corporations breaking labor laws (5+ / 0-)

      Even the non-profit "Christian" agency I worked for broke the labor law right to form a union. We were harassed by the bosses, but they had to let us hold an election. We won with a majority, but then they "delayed" negotiating with us, then declared after a year that our union was no longer viable and demanded another election, which won by 100%.  I had long since been fired.

      The best thing to know going into the attempt to form a union: labor law, because they will lie to you about what you were allowed to do. And they hate you. Be prepared for that hate from former "friends."

      And as it turns out, winning a debate is surprisingly easy when a candidate decides he can say anything and expect to get away with it. -Rachel Maddow

      by mrobinson on Wed Oct 10, 2012 at 08:25:47 AM PDT

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