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  •  "Don't postpone joy!" (23+ / 0-)

    Love it. Hearing the Court commentary this week, especially Roberts', Scalia's, and Alito's remarks on time, brought my mind back to the "older" women in the clubs in NY, NJ, Mass, Ca in the '70's. They came up in such a harsh and destructive time  for lesbians. There were not a lot of Thea's and Edie's in the average bar then. At the well to do parties on Long Island, the Upper West Side, Fire Island (off the beach and into the homes) you'd find refined lesbian couples. But for a young 17, 18 year old woman adventuring into the gay world in 1972, the cultural affects of bigotry was to be seen everywhere you looked. Especially for those without education or resources.

    The Justices seem to believe that the freedom to marry just came out of the closet, that it's so new and untested. They're living in a closet.

    Some people are strong enough to not postpone life. Some not. Time has an impact. As a confident youth exuberantly open with my sexuality I recall being as confused with these older women as they were by me and my friends. I thought then that the era of gay rights was happening and living as second class citizens was over.

    Generations of LGBT have lived and died waiting for freedom and liberty. A generation of Boomers retiring now could run out of time to marry if these Justices remain in their mental closets. A new generation of young Americans are witnessing this chance for the blatant, destructive bigotries give way and our dysfunctional institutions catch up with the healthier, more natural world we live in today, one where the refineries of affluence isn't necessary to live a happy life, and no longer  insufficient still to live a free one.  

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