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  •  Cheerful Tuesday (4.00)
    Cheers to love at last. Last weekend, my uncle and my new (sort of) aunt got married. I say sort of new because they've been together for 25 years. Family members are a bit concerned that this is all going a bit too fast...  Enjoy Hawaii and Napa on that long awaited honeymoon.

    Cheers to bookworms. This weekend was the Chicago Book Fair; tens of thousands of readers and dozens of stores. Fun, fun, fun. I saw, but didn't buy, a book entitled "Modern Humor" published in 1903. And, I swear to God, the first joke in it was a political cartoon lampooning "Keyboard Generals". The more things change...

    Cheers to the alien mothership. This landed in Chicago:

    Cloud Gate, aka The Bean, is almost finished; workers are polishing out remaining weld seams. Some other pictures I took:

    Cheers sort of to Tropical Storm Arlene. When her remnants move through the area today/tomorrow, we get about 15 or 20 degrees worth of relief from the heat. Aaahhhh.


    •  What about the (4.00)
      black eyed pea there in the park? (Not a Chicago'n, so pardon my lack of knowledge).

      Isn't there already some big shiny bean shape thing right there around that new outdoor park/theater? (Millenium park, is it?)

      This one seems to be in a similar spot.

      Whatever and Ever, Amen - Ben Folds Five

      by shelbyGT on Tue Jun 14, 2005 at 12:02:58 PM PDT

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      •  Bean (4.00)
        The photo is of the new sculpture in Millenium Park. (downtown on Michigan Avenue, next door to the Art Institute). It was installed last year and was open for a few months. Then the tent seen in the picture was installed so that workers could polish out all of the weld seams. The polishing was supposed to be done for Memorial Day, but proved more difficult than expected, so the new target is Labor Day.

        I joined umpteen other people walking underneath it during the initiial opening. Way cool.


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