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View Diary: Open thread for night owls: At What Age does a Black Male Become a Threat? (139 comments)

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  •  At what age does a black male become a threat? (6+ / 0-)

    That is an excellent question, because it is a trick question - or it should be imo

    There can be no answer until AA of any gender or age are not considered a "they" or an 'other" as juror B 37, for instance, referred to both Rachel Jeantel and Trayvon Martin.
    Even as B37 was trying to express her deep regret, taking comfort in her belief that GZ (and the story his lawyers fabricated to justify a killing) warranted aquittal, she referred to Trayvon as "those" people

    I do think that any person could be viewed as a threat who recognizes corporations as people and people as some monolithic something or "other" though.

    sorry for the rant -  i'm still too pissed off to be friendly about this topic


    •  From the authors of SYG (8+ / 0-)

      Author of "Stand your ground law"  former Senator  Durell Peaden says George Zimmerman should probably be arrested for killing Trayvon Martin

      It is the fact that Zimmerman ignored the 911 operator's advice not to follow Martin that former Sen. Peaden says disqualifies him from claiming self-defense under the law.
      "The guy lost his defense right then," Peaden told the Miami Herald. "When he said 'I'm following him,' he lost his defense."
      Rep. Dennis Baxley, Peaden's co-sponsor in the Florida House, agrees with his former colleague, telling the newspaper that the law does not license neighborhood watch or others who feel
      "like they have the authority to pursue and confront people. That is aggravating an incident right there."
      Both co-sponsors told the newspaper, however, that they did not think the law needed to be re-examined.

      These are authors/supporters of the SYG law. Now that the trial is over, it would be very powerful evidence to the fact that this is bad law.

      The way the law is built is a loophole for crime

      Law that narrows the scope to exclude all other pertinent facts - as what happened in GZ trial.

      By circumscribing any shooting to the few moments of contact is not justice. It's the opposite.  The whole picture must be considered.

      •  correx: the way the law was built and used .. (2+ / 0-) jury instruction for Zimmermans standard self defense trial, is a loophole fo crime, and an incentive to shoot to kill - ( no witmess beyond the shooter)

        I say standard self defense since SYG is an immunity statute  and that wasn't the basis of Zimmermans trial. His was Florida's existing standard self defense trial

        and "authors" of SYG should have been in quotes as ALEC/NRA are the true authors of the SYG statute

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