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View Diary: Pirates Plunder California-- Make 5 CALLS now to save it (144 comments)

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  •  Respectfully disgree. (none)
    This would be only to insure a fair count and fair election. We've seen how "they" treat exit polls. I'm sure counter-measures could be installed. However, some people might not be able to resist tit for tat - and, considering what's happening to our country, I wouldn't blame them. Frankly, I'm getting tired of "losing" elections to an unethical mob; my cheek can only be turned so far.
    •  Agree 100% (none)
      We need to show what's going on.

      And nothing else will work agains the corporate infrastructure that is stealing our elections.

      The legislative process has failed... big money won out. It's pretty typical in America. We all know how things work...

      I am in full support of liberals hacking the machines if that's what it takes for Americans to wake up.

      Even if it invalidates an election.

      We all know Republicans won't stand for an election they didn't steal. But this issue needs to be made 100% apparent.

      Hackers Unite! Attaaaaack!!!!

      •  To goldendigger: 'Hacking' doesn't work that way (none)
        The best, simplest, and safest way to hack an election is to do pre-work. That means inside access. That also means the insiders would know exactly what is "supposed" to happen and will make sure that does happen.

        There are many, many real-world examples of the insiders pulling back the election results until the wee hours of the night.

        I've been told directly by election officials that before they release anything they eyeball it to make sure it doesn't have some sort of obvious flaw.

        The concept of dialing in to hack and election during election night is possible, but not the best way to do it.

        And remember: In California, 40-50 percent of the election will be absentee, which are counted a week before and a week AFTER Election Day. Those are the most tempting targets for manipulation, and the best position to achieve that is an insider.

        •  Is it feasible/possible to hack into (none)
          a few tabulators in a few precincts in BIG states to show 0 votes cast for either side? This would be one way to wake up a slumbering country to this problem. Just asking.
          •  I see where you're going donjo (none)
            You want to use an actual election to stage an irrefutable hack-- like theatre, in order to garner the attention of all eyes?  Right.

            You don't want to steal an election.

            It's an interesting idea -- as we all know the proof has been out there from the "test" attacks/ hacks already performed.... but it never gets in the spotlight, stays under wraps and on the internet.  Your scenario would force the media (who?) to pay attention and perhaps even the public.... Is that it?


          •  I must not be explaining very well. (none)
            If you do that, it will never be known.

            The election official will pull that info out, re-run things, call it a glitch, and no one will ever hear of your exploits.

            That's just how it is.

            Time to step away from the Internet and venture out to visit elections officials and ask questions about what they do if they see such anomalies.

            They sure as hell don't post them on the internet or tell the news media.

            They call the vendor.

            Got that? They are under no obligation to release defective and incorrect results, and they don't have to report a crime if the vendor can convince them it's an accidental glitch.

            •  I do believe, (none)
              I asked if it were feasible, and if it were, it would be a cool solution. However, apparently you answered my question. Thanks. It is not, apparently feasible. Only one side is allowed to cheat.
              •  Aargh, yu'r right matey (none)
                only one side is allowed to cheat.

                But like that pesky ring of power (which was evil), truth (which is vituous) has a way of working its way up to daylight no matter how deeply someone tries to bury it.

                We have truth going for us.

                Now we need to compel testimony, to get truth and perjury out into the sunlight. It's our best next step.

                •  Agreed. (none)
                  And thanks,Bev, for your tenacity and bravery in dealing with all this "crap." I'm certainly no expert in all the machinations of voting machines, electronic or just a pencil, but there has to be some way to think outside the box on this potential corruption problem. It's to bad some millionaire dude won't come along and offer a huge reward (and safe haven) to anyone who offers absolute proof that the 2000/04 elections were altered in OH and FL. And as I said, if someone genius computer geek could figure out a way to erase the results in an actual election, that should be proof enough of their vulnerability. (And said geek should be prepared to spend some time in the pokey.) The problem is, if someone tells how it was done, like the guy in FL, Martin? is his name, who was asked to rig the machines down there, the MSM just blows him off as a complete nutcase. Even though he passed a lie detector test. Here's hoping the CA people have some integrity.
    •  Election officials don't have to reveal hacking (none)
      All they have to do is diagnose it as a "glitch" (with the eager cooperation of the vendor, who has a vested interest in not looking like they were hacked).

      The election official quietly does away with the "glitched" data and replaces it with the "corrected" data.

      There is no acceptable rationale for counter-hacking an election.

      Besides, the real risk and problem is, was, and always has been inside access. Whoever gets to the data last wins. And that will always be the insiders.

      •  Agree with Bev (none)
        Thanks for your even-keeled advice -- and for all your superb work on ballot integrity, the single most important issue in terms of priorities in our democracy today. You are to be commended profoundly as are all those on this thread and elsewhere working to preserve clean voting.

        "It's 1776 all over again" -- J.W.P. (after Yogi Berra, in the spirit of Tom Paine)

        by wardlow on Sun Feb 19, 2006 at 08:06:19 PM PST

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