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View Diary: Florida DNC members endorse Dean en masse (80 comments)

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  •  Fowler's a good organization man... (none)
    but a terrible speaker.  I think we need someone a bit more poised in the spotlight.
    I watched the southern delegate session and Donnie said some things that elicited unintended laughter.  There was one line ("Some of the people I love most are women" or something along those lines) that was completely absurd.
    •  Canidate like Charisma a is an overrated need (none)
      for DNC Chair

      Now hold on Donnie is definitely no Bill Clinton but is that really needed.  Remember Terry Mac is no Dean in speaking either.

      The problem is that Dean being in the race has made it more about him and not about the needs of the Dems in a top notch party man.

      Have you ever heard Ken Mehlman? He is not the most articulate either. Hell if that was the criteria Dan Bartlett would be RNC chair.

      As I think of different party chairs over the years, I think that they were OK at best in articulating and it was the office holders and candidates that were really carried the message.

      I feel OK with the idea of Donnie Fowler sitting across the table on "Meet the Press" from Ken Mehlman. Howard would be probably better but if we have no true grassroots on the ground rejuvenation of the Dems to beat the repugs then Dean would be a disaster as DNC chair no matter how well he articulated on TV.

      •  I wasn't for Dean in the primaries (Clark) (none)
        You shouldn't settle for feeling OK about someone representing your party or position on TV.  You should feel jazzed up that they are going to be on.  It should be edge of the seat excitement to see the ensuing debate.  I'm tired of whincing when I see the token "liberal" guest on debate or so-called news shows.  I'm tired of yelling at the tv (and it's starting to freak the dog) when they allow some lie to go by answered or practically apologize for their point of view.

        How do I get that level of excitement?  I get it by changing the party.  Not by simply changing the leader to someone else who will continue the status quo.  And not by having someone who is considered a match for the Repubs person.  We don't need to match them, we need to beat them.

        You want to know if Dean can bring it?  Just ask the Florida delegation, which fought against pressure and voted early.  Florida isn't even considered a blue or liberal state and we're that excited by Dean.  That says something.

        Proud to be a southerner.

        by Liberalpalooza on Tue Jan 18, 2005 at 02:07:29 PM PST

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        •  I was a Clark supporter too but (none)
          Did you not admire the phenomenal rise in money and support that Clark got in the early days of the primaries? Well Donnie had a lot to do with that.

          And don't you remember the load of money and grassroots support Dean had but some how did not translate into a GOTV victory in Iowa.  I know that Dean had candidates gang up on him in Iowa but he should have showed a lot better than John Edwards given his grassroots support. I suspect he did not have the grassroots support that everyone perceived him to have after all. So I am a little suspect in Dean's abilities in this area of organization.  And a great party man has to be a grassroots genius. And that is more important to me than being a inspirational talker.  All talk and no hat is not what the Dems need right now.

          •  I'll try not to ramble too much here :D (none)
            I don't think you can credit only Fowler with the early grassroots money/support and then blame only Dean when the support didn't translate into votes for whatever reason.  Fowler would have been a part of that long term campaign strategy that went towards that loss.  I don't hold that against Fowler and honestly I wouldn't be upset if Fowler won.

            Where you and I differ is what we think is needed.  You think we need more of a grassroots organizer and I really think we need more of a symbol - a face of the Democratic party.

            My belief is that the qualifications that would have made a great DNC chair 10 years ago aren't the same as the ones needed by one today.  We're a losing party on a losing streak, that has to overcome a stupid, lazy and, as Armstrong Williams taught us, Republican bought and paid for media, as well as a public who has been brainwashed by years of propaganda.  The Democratic party doesn't have a clear message nor the ability to stay on message when we have a message.  We've become reactionaries instead of leaders.  

            The DNC chair isn't going to step into their job, come up with a message and then have a system to deliver that message right away.  They will have to lead the charge.  And more so than in the past, they will have to be the person on the MSM delivering that message.

            The DNC leader needs to be more than an organizer and planner.  They need to put a face on the Democratic party.  A loud, articulate face who doesn't apologize for being a Democrat.  They need to energize a party which lost twice to a man who doesn't know what sovereign means.  And for that you need to be charismatic and eloquent more than anything.  Even if Dean couldn't organize (and I don't believe thats true though), it wouldn't matter.  Let others organize and he be the face and voice.  We need that now more than ever.

            Proud to be a southerner.

            by Liberalpalooza on Wed Jan 19, 2005 at 11:57:17 AM PST

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