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View Diary: Why there's no such thing as "Reverse Racism" (169 comments)

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  •  This is the racist (0+ / 0-)

    racism argument which is commonly made to excuse non-white racism.  The definition of racism is clear and anyone who treats people of another race differently solely on the basis of their race is racist.  It's a bad thing no matter who does it.

    Thus, the author is speaking in a racist manner because according to their definition a white man who beats a black man because of his race is racist but a black man who beats a white man because of his race is excused.

    •  What I love is the way (0+ / 0-)

      that folks committed to insisting "everyone can be racist" keep focusing on how bad individual racial discrimination is, while entirely ignoring the larger structural problem.

      Also, these folks keep circling around to the same arguments, over and over again, and have to keep repeating the same inaccurate claims. Despite the fact that neither "the author," nor a single other person has excused any black people for racially discriminating against white people, or for injuring white people, they keep repeating that lie.

      I'll say it one more time for the hard of hearing:  Any person, black or white, can be a racist -- i.e., believe in the ideology of racial superiority.  But in the U.S. only white people have realized their vision of instituting a racist society, in which eruptions of black racism are the rarest exception, rather than the general rule. Black people simply do not have the tools or institutional support to impose their racist visions (if they have one) on the larger white society. The exceptions, in this sense, prove the rule, since retaliation for perceived "Reverse Discrimination" is far more intense and powerful than reaction to racial discrimination against black people, which is considered "business as usual."

      •  By what definition is the society racist? (0+ / 0-)

        All of our legal structures are racially blind although we do have some legal support for affirmative action which could be considered racist (reverse racism), but otherwise our society is officially racist.

        The problem is that there are still quite a few individuals who are racist and are making decisions based on race.  Unless you can point to some law or official position which biases on the basis of race, then it's individual racism you must actually complain against.

        And, there are many areas of this society where blacks have generated racist limits -- a black student who excells is often accused of 'acting white' which is a racist view by black society, or at least a significant segment.

        Any view that attempts to focus the racism debate on white on black racism is going to necessarily miss all of the other racist attitudes and thought that hold us back.  In the aftermath of the Rodney King beating trial, African Americans burned out Asian stores because of racial resentment.  Which was, as near as I can tell, two way.

        •  Trolling, trolling.... (0+ / 0-)

          Seriously, if you're going to argue that all of our legal structures are "racially blind", there's simply no ground for discussion here.  If you can't see the disproportionate representative of African Americans at every level of the justice system -- if you can't see the crack vs. powder cocaine sentencing guideliness, as a blatant example -- as racist, then it's just hopeless to attempt conversation. Because if it's not "racist" then the other option is somehow it's black people's "fault" that they're at the bottom of the society, and I'm just not going there.

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