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    It took me just a minute to locate the full transcript of the interview.  From it:

    ERIC MAY:  Okay, and part of the process of the Inspector General's Office is that we receive allegations, and we go out and investigate those allegations.  And the reason we are here today is that received, our office received some allegations pertaining to scientif- – potential scientific misconduct perpetrated by you and your, uh, coworker, Mr. Gleason, okay?  So that‟s what the scope of this interview is going to be is your participation in the bowhead – the BWASP program?
    CHARLES MONNETT:  Um-hm [yes].
    ERIC MAY:  Okay?  
    CHARLES MONNETT:  Well, how does that, um – you say this is basically “scientific misconduct,” and how does that jive then with this being administrative in nature?  What‟s that mean, just that it‟s not criminal or something?
    ERIC MAY:  That‟s correct.

    So the investigation is entirely about the bowhead observation program (BWASP) and (as the specific questions make clear) the polar bear paper that came out of those observations.  It's interesting how much speculation to the contrary appeared in the comments above.

    And what's up with Francesca Grifo of UCS?  Reflexively running interference for the adminstration?

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