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View Diary: The Hill: GOP postpones vote on debt bill 'indefinitely' (300 comments)

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  •  Bruce's concept sounds pretty plausible. (0+ / 0-)

    This is what they do (traditionally). They forge a compromise based on the relative power of each bloc.
    The Dems would love to give nothing to the Rebubs, but they will do what it takes to get a bill passed.
    Most of the Rebubs (and the Dems) would just like to get this behind them. Particularly for the Rebubs, this has been excruciating.
    The "tea party" however are so crazy and/or stupid they'd love for this to go on for the rest of their time in Congress.

    The Rebubs are out on thin ice. It seems like the Dems could throw them a few boulders and finish them off. It's not that simple. Roxy, our beloved old Labrador (the economy) unwisely followed the Rebubs out on the ice.
    Dunking them would put her at risk.

    So, ifBoehner's nacho and tequila vomit, I mean bill passes, there will be a back and forth.
    I'm guessing.
    Anyway, what's interesting to me is what will happen immediately after this is "over". Hopefully the Dems will start saying the word "jobs" a lot and pointing out all the wonderful ways we could help create "jobs" etc. and will have very, very little to say about any other topic.
    One can only hope.

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