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View Diary: Mentally Ill Homeless Man Beaten to Death by Fullerton Police (266 comments)

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  •  Sorry (5+ / 0-)

    I overstepped and looking back at how annoyed I get when folks deride the "inside the beltway" crowd I can see how it came across (as if everyone who lives inside the beltway works for the government).

    I hope you understand where I was coming from as I tried to explain above.

    I still do think this type of police brutality will become more and more common as more folks are thrown on the streets and I still think the people who are causing the economic hardships to happen (ie voting for the teabaggers) will react with violence.

    For those who question my sincerity that I cried when I watched the video (when he was crying out for his dad) all I can say oh well. I am sincere.

    I've been commenting a lot more recently here and it hasn't been very welcoming so I'll just go back to lurking. That way I won't hurt anyone's feelings nor they mine.

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