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View Diary: Balkin: There will be no default, as the president already is using the 14th Amendment (362 comments)

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  •  Answer to everything is "obama sucks" (0+ / 0-)

    very insightful.  First off, he isn't the only Dem out there.  Why has no one else called them out?  Second, the media is supposed to investigate and report on these things.  Where are they?  Everything is not the President's job, nor is everything his fault.  Reading here in the last 6 weeks, I have seen him blamed for one ridiculous thing after another.  

    I am disappointed in Obama's acceptance of the debt issue.  It concedes an issue to the GOP and I don't think that there is any truth to it at all.  Obama has advisers, why is he allowing this to continue?  However, when your answer to every situation is blaming Obama, you have a problem.

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