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View Diary: No deal on debt ceiling, but talks with North Korea are going well (45 comments)

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  •  Kim Jong Il is a terrible dictator directly (0+ / 0-)

    responsible for the deaths of thousands.

    And yet, he's reality based, unlike the Republicans.

    Our government does not deliberately kill its citizens, but many people die because of the neglect of the social safety net - people who die before their time because of untreated chronic illnesses which could be managed by preventive care in a single payer system.

    Service men and women are sent to die in a war that never should have been started, and Iraqi and Afghani non-combatants are killed by terrorists, friendly fire, and lack of basic life giving supplies like drinkable water and sufficient food,

    Kids who shoot themselves or others playing with an  unlocked gun in the home.

    Kids that commit suicide because of bullying, especially if the bullies think they are gay.

    Unarmed people of color who are killed by the police.

    Frankly, the way Republicans want to double down on shredding the safety net, and other things there will be more "Collateral  damage" because of their policies.

    So Kim Jong Il IS easier to negotiate with than Republicans - he knows that with compromise, everybody gets some of the things they want.

    HylasBrook @62 - fiesty, fiery, and fierce

    by HylasBrook on Fri Jul 29, 2011 at 01:53:22 PM PDT

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