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  •  Crises bring out the extremes: (13+ / 0-)

    These are tough times and they could well get much tougher before they get better, austerity (in some form) has been dictated as the way out, it will get worse, there is no WPA or CCC in our future.  The crises could bring out a new awareness of our connectedness and a reminder as to why this country adopted the large social contract it did, people suffered less and it was good for business.

    But, crises can also bring out the worst in people and I think the "blame" temptation is nearly irresistible to this country's  already undereducated, under informed and insecure white (soon to be minority) and things could really spiral out of control.  There may have been just as much hate in the 30s, the 1890s but there was not the means of organizing nationally so quickly and there was not nearly as much "firepower" available to ordinary citizens.  The US is the country most conducive to right wing violence b/c of its near "worship" of guns.

     It is very scary, but it is also time to be brave and stand up immediately when you here the "blame" go out to innocents, stand up against violent talk, ultimately it is all we can do.

    "How can the United States be the Greatest Nation ever if it is the only modern nation where citizens hold bake sales to pay for life saving medical care?" Single payer is coming but how many people will die before it becomes the only solution?

    by 4CasandChlo on Sat Jul 30, 2011 at 01:06:23 AM PDT

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