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View Diary: Horrible Glenn Beck fans featured in New York Times (112 comments)

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  •  The "Screaming Heads" (3+ / 0-)
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    are toxic.  They are lethal.  They will destroy their countries.  They will destroy their political parties.  They are attempting to destroy, in an existential way, democracy and civilization.  This phenomenon has grown in the US since the rise of  right wing christian fundamentalism which is an extreme and dangerous movement.  They do not honor the US Constitution.  They do not believe in democracy.  Everything they think, say and do is tainted and corrupted by their belief in a vengeful god living in the sky who is ready to strike down and destroy everyone and everything if he is not adored!  How much crazier can a person get?

    I cannot imagine having one's being and one's loveliness as a person being at the mercy of a supreme being who sends to hell those who do not accept his son (their words, not mine) "as their personal lord and savior."  These people are deluded.  You can include Bachman and Palin among those nutcases.  And there are more Americans like them than I would have ever imagined growing up in mid 20th century America.  I do not understant how this came to be.  It is beyond Twilight Zone level.  It is Alice through the Looking Glass.

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