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  •  This bears repeating -- it's the hard truth (0+ / 0-)
    Good economies aren't a measure of the lack of regulation; they are regulation. In plumbing terms, if money is water, regulations are the pipes. You sort of need those if you expect the water to go anywhere, and you don't move more water by weakening the pipes. Without government, you just get mud.

    But somehow, a good fragment of people got into a position where their operating rules were: big business & billionaires=good, government & ordinary people=bad. How this happened isn't completely clear, though it's just possible the TV and radio channels that big business & billionaires set up expressly to flog this message 24/7/365.25 had something to do with it. In any case, it's an admirably simple bit of code. A brain running this program requires less power than a cell phone and still has room for the deluxe edition of Angry Birds.

    This explains Obama's penchant for "compromise" more than anything.

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