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View Diary: Obama Administration to Polar Bear Scientist/Truth Teller - Shut up, and you are suspended! (14 comments)

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    wade norris, AaronInSanDiego, Blubba

    The scientist has been suspended pending the results of an investigation.  The suspension is with pay.  The scientist is claiming that he is unfairly being investigated.  At this point no one even knows completely what the investigation is about. While it is a very real possibility that the Obama administration is doing something ugly here, we don't have enough facts to make that determination.  Just because this scientist is working for a good cause is not insurance that he has not done something wrong.  Not saying he has, but not enough info to make that claim yet.  I am very interested in the resolution of the investigation.  I will wait for that to make my judgement.  

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      reserving judgement regarding this case:
      but when one looks at the other cases involving Whistleblowers like Thomas Drake

      or Mr. DeChristopher, who by no means should be going to jail for his heroism, committed under Bush's watch, but ENFORCED under Obama's watch, for simply being an environmental hero.

      so in light of that evidence, I will reserve judgement, but you can imagine why I might be somewhat skeptical in this world of political calculus...

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      by wade norris on Sat Jul 30, 2011 at 07:47:48 PM PDT

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