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View Diary: Freiburg, Germany: City of the Future. Part II: How to Build an Eco-Suburb from Scratch (photos) (98 comments)

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    In a  time of such stagnation and positive backsliding for the good of the planet and all of us, this greatly  heartened me.  And I felt that pride of my family history in Germany. I have lived through WW II in the US and the felt the enmity that was expressed in so many ways to German people.  My parents lived out their lives here but never were totally separated from their beloved country while wanting to make a good life for those of us in the next generations. Now I find myself so often wanting to go home to a place I have only visited but know has touched my heart since childhood. Thanks for the window on some of the most positive aspects of Germany with all the lessons it brings for the renewal projects many are trying to bring to our own cities and towns. I saw the destruction wrought on German cities and towns by the events of WWII as I traveled not long after the war. This recovery that goes many steps forward  beyond what was is a model for us as we face a need to re-envision our own country.

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      I do think it's quite beautiful that a country with as dark a history as Germany should be emerging as a sort of a ecological beacon to the world. It shows that anything is possible and there's always room for transformation and redemption, no matter how bad things get. It also gives me hope that America can overcome some of its current darkness.

      I hope you do get a chance to travel to your ancestral home, it would make your heart light up to reconnect with the people and place.

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