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  •  BACK off the caps, lanae -I take no responsibility (3+ / 0-)

    for this predicament.  During the Health Care Reform summer, I was out there facing down the crazy teabag
    nation.  I went to rally upon rally fighting the good fight.
    And what was I fighting for?  Well, it sure as fuck wasn't the shitty plan they came up with that totally
    took single payer and then, the public option off the table.  And I sure wasn't fighting for the shitty plan that wouldn't even go into effect until 2014 me until when I turned 65.
    I sure wasn't fighting for the president to offer up raising the age for medicare to 67.  I sure wasn't fighting for an even smaller social security benefit than the one I'll be getting that will require me to work until I die.  
    But........I was one of the people who was fighting.... Who was backing up our president.  
    I was also fighting those teabaggers you say I'm responsible for putting in office, even tho, I voted for my blue dog Jim Cooper once again, because he's the only choice I have other than some right wing ahole.
    And as far as never being satisfied?  If you think I should be satisfied with eating whatever shit I'm fed,
    well then, I guess I'm not a very grateful person.
    Oh, and instead of being so quick to blame fellow democrats for the election of the teabaggers, why
    don't you put the blame where it really belongs on the Koch Bros and the billions they funneled to the teabagger campaigns.

    United we stand - Divided we are all truly screwed. Keep them blaming one another - they'll never notice what's really going on.

    by Cassandra77 on Sun Jul 31, 2011 at 11:18:44 AM PDT

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