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View Diary: “Why Voters Tune Out Democrats,” by Pollster Stanley Greenberg in Sunday’s NYT (213 comments)

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  •  Dems refuse to say clear objectives... (2+ / 0-)
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    Jim P, Joieau

    ...leaving nothing to hat your hat on. What's to trust in wiggle room? Today's talking head Dems have spent the morning ceding the agenda to entitlement reform.  They mount the Republican agenda using Republican terms.

    Americans are not stupid. We want winning affirmative constructive action. Not to be one wiggle away from losing Medicare.

    Yes, there's waste, fraud, and abuse in Medicare and Medicaid. Even Sen.Tom Coburn's fiscal proposal has merit. Even he's got plenty of good ideas - as did Bowles-Simpson - and even in Medicare which beyond their good ideas overall they would love to abandon altogether.

    Action? None. Why not chip away with the unarguably good ideas and leave space to discuss real progress?

    All year Congress could have enacted hundreds of billions of dollars of savings from low hanging fruit. Since 2008 they could have. Instead the Dems have submitted to these big packaged deals which substantially relent on the overarching goals of entitlement spending/destruction. Now they will add another loser commission and triggers that will further bundle our fates into RW frames and boundaries.

    Americans are smart enough and can smell a rat. What's the counter position to eliminating entitlements? To not slash them? Seriously? That's the Democrat's position for the 21'st century in a globally realigning world?

    Eliminate the Bush tax cuts Eliminate Afghan and Iraq wars Do these things first before considering any cuts

    by kck on Sun Jul 31, 2011 at 12:22:22 PM PDT

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