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View Diary: Debt Ceiling Follies: Extremist ideology, partisanship over country and incompetence rule the day (222 comments)

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  •  i have to keep asking the following, because (0+ / 0-)

    although maybe I should get it, I don't:

    1) How does McConnell decide and how does it work that if he doesn't want to work with Reid that he can move negotiations  to the WH?  I thought just the other day Boehner (I know different part of Congress) said just the opposite, that he wouldn't negotiate with the president so he took his pensive self over to the other side of the Capitol.  

    I have read many times that the President doesn't write bills. Well, isn't that what is going on???

    2) I watched the floor speeches yesterday and comments were made by some self avowed Teaparty member, who spoke smoothly, but made no sense, that no budget had been proposed by the Congress specifically the Senate (I thought budget bills originate in the House) for over some 800 days.  Also he said that if the Debt Ceiling is raised with no other amendments, that the President's funding for the Health Care bill could continue for the next two years with no imput from the legislative branch.

    Anybody help with these?

    Science is hell bent on consensus. Dr. Michael Crichton said “Let’s be clear: The work of science has nothing to do with consensus... which is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right,”

    by Regina in a Sears Kit House on Sun Jul 31, 2011 at 03:19:56 PM PDT

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