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View Diary: Debt ceiling 'compromise' appears to include everything far-right demanded (288 comments)

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  •  I'm done with America til the day I die (0+ / 0-)

    There is no point anymore.  It doesn't matter if you vote. It doesn't matter if you march, scream, yell, organize, etc.  Nothing about this Nation matters anymore.  Every single time we elect someone we think is going to make a change, not only do they not make a change, it gets worse.  We are run by the stupid and really stupid.  We live in a Nation where Sarah Palin could seriously get nominated for President

    George Carlin was right.  It does not matter.  I am tired of surfing through all my political bookmarks and educating myself and voting.  I'm tired of donating. I'm tired of knocking on doors.

    I'm checking out.  I'm done with it all.  I'm done with trying.  I'm just going to do what it takes to take care of me and mine and to Hell with the rest of this miserable Nation.  I will never vote again, I don't care the cause.  I will make no effort on behalf of this shit-hole Nation.  I am deleting my folder with all these sites as I never want to read about this BS again.  I am going full-tilt ignorant on the issues.  Why?  Because it DOES NOT MATTER.

    My only regret?  I don't have the money to leave this dead and sinking POS Nation.

    Good luck all.  You are really going to need it.

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