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  •  Well, we disagree. It might sound wacky (0+ / 0-)

    But if you really want to have a discussion about it, I'm open to it.

    I'll simply say this: (and these are facts) the current strain of conservatives in this country are hard right. The GOP is ruled now by people who believe that all government not specifically outlined in the constitution is unnecessary and should be "returned to the states". They also don't believe in taxes or social services. They would gladly starve federal agencies responsible for the regulation of, for example, drugs, food, environmental safety, workplace safety, roads, etc. Under a GOP led government you could reasonably expect that many of the things being regulated today would be deregulated. And agencies reduced (if not eliminated) or privatized.

    And since states will not get much federal funding for such things as education, transportation, environmental maintenance, infrastructure, health care etc, where will the states get the money from? Well, blue states may raise taxes. So if you live in a blue state you'll be a bit better off but still state taxes won't be able to make up for the deficit caused by not getting federal funds. (by the way, this is already happening in 2011, friend. The stimulus helped keep states afloat. But now with the baggers austerity fetish, states will have to cut deeper. As I said, you may think what I'm saying is wacky but it's already happening a little bit.) once states have to start cutting things, they'll do what many are doing: looking at pensions, schools, public services etc. to privatize them or eliminate the financial requirement of paying for them. Services will be cut, first to poor and middle class people. Privatized services - including possibly utilities - will end up costing more than many can afford (what with the deregulation of business). Jobs and employment regulations at the federal level via the department of labor will be all but gone and/or enforcement will be lax. (again, not wacky. This is what we know the GOP will do. In some places they've already tried or done it on some scales. I'm not a wacky person. The GOP is 100% predictable). Perhaps minimum wage will be eliminated. Or unions made illegal. At any rate, people may be working more for less, with very little recourse of action.

    I'm saying this is not outside the realm of possibility if the GOP is in control. We've seen teeny attempts at it in wisconisn, Ohio, Florida (my state), Michigan. We can hear plainly federal baggers say exactly that these agencies are umconstitutional. Heck the GOP has a major presidential candidate that has taken that position and she's leading in Iowa.

    Dismiss it if you want. But to me, it's not all that far fetched. We know what they want. They aren't hiding it whatsoever. The only thing that's prevented it has been a democratic firewall. Without it, what would prevent them from doing it?

    As I said, liberals need to fight them. But we also need tonprepare personally and politically in case we are unsuccessful. Yes grocery stores will exist. You just may not be able to afford to buy anything in them.

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