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  •  The Serb-Muslim conflict (5+ / 0-)
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    JDsg, GCarty, Wee Mama, Marie, ricky57

    in the 1990s had a lot to do with what happened in World War II.

    The Nazis brutalized the people of Serbia more than any non-Jewish people. The Nazis set up a puppet fascist state in Croatia, which immediately proceded to brutalize Serbs to the point that even the SS was shocked. And a lot of the Yugoslav Muslims sided with the Croats.

    Incredibly, the same man who was responsible for the rise of Arab terror towards Jews -- in Palestine and Iraq --  also rallied Muslims to terrorize Serbs, recruiting a Waffen SS unit:

    None of this justifies Serbia's actions during the 1990s.

    •  According to Eric Margolis, the World Wars (2+ / 0-)
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      Brit, Marie

      were also the reason why Britain and France were reluctant to intervene against Milosevic's regime.  Many senior foreign policy figures in those countries sympathized with the Serbs for their past heroism against German occupation, and were suspicious of German support for the Croatian separatists.

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