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View Diary: Gallup: conservatives 41%, moderates 36%, liberals 21% (334 comments)

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  •  liberals have an image problem (7+ / 0-)

    We don't like to admit it, but liberals have a self-created image problem.   I'm far more liberal than not, and I see it clearly... but a lot of people don't want to admit it.

    Far too often when you see liberals on TV, they're either hippie types or they're slobs like Michael Moore, and the stuff they spout is too often unrealistic and comes across as whiney, self-righteous, and self-congratulatory.  I know this'll be an unpopular view here in the echo chamber, but... that shit isn't anything most people look at and think, "I'd like to be like that."  Even I wince at it and wish they weren't representing my view, because when I'm arguing with conservatives I always have to do it while carrying that image on my back.   Michael Moore means well, but he's more burden than he is help.

    Conservatives are scum with an ideology that's a proven failure (just look at the results any state that consistently votes Republican gets - Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas anyone?), but in general they have much better image control.   I find them odious, but to the average American, they look like "success" and "patriotic" (albeit blindly).  

    It's something we don't want to admit, much less address.  

    "Glenn Beck ends up looking like a fat, stupid child. His face should be wearing a chef's hat on the side of a box of eclairs. " - Doug Stanhope

    by Front Toward Enemy on Mon Aug 01, 2011 at 06:30:42 AM PDT

    •   if liberals were prettier we wouldn't get abused (1+ / 0-)
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      it's our own fault that our elected leaders have betrayed us

      we better be nicer and prettier so we don't get beaten again

      please be advised that nothing in this comment should be construed as an endorsement of a third-party or third-party candidate

      by wbgonne on Mon Aug 01, 2011 at 06:34:34 AM PDT

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      •  nope (3+ / 0-)
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        Aquarius40, Imhotepsings, wishingwell

        You're still not getting it.  It's not about being "pretty" or "nice."  It's about not being a fringe element.  

        Liberals are becoming the "hipsters" of the political world.  As soon as they get power, they eschew it because it's like one of their bands getting popular -- that takes the fun out of it for them.  And the people they elect know this, and quit playing to them anymore, because that's a zero-sum game.

        It's an attitude that's going to keep the far-left from ever getting what they want.  Because, if they did get it, they'd decide that's not what they want anymore.  And I'm not convinced they want to win, anyway.  From what I'm seeing around DKos lately, it looks like people want everything to go to shit, as long as they can blame somebody else for it.  Then they get to be smug and say "Things would be better if we were running things!"

        "Glenn Beck ends up looking like a fat, stupid child. His face should be wearing a chef's hat on the side of a box of eclairs. " - Doug Stanhope

        by Front Toward Enemy on Mon Aug 01, 2011 at 07:20:23 AM PDT

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    •  It's called advertising, it works (pro or con) (3+ / 0-)

      and unfortunately we have to think about stuff like that.

      I personally cringe at all the pot people whining about how much they really really need pot legalized.  I'm not talking about people with cancer, though I suspect a more potent painkiller like Demerol would work better than pot, based on my hazy high school recollections, which was the last time I really cared about pot issues.  But to the others, the ones without cancer - I have a suggestion.  If not having ready access to your mood altering substance of choice gets you this upset, do you think maybe you have a problem?  

      I personally don't like looking like a stoner.  And if that observation is too harsh, sorry.

      Which side are you on?

      by wiseacre on Mon Aug 01, 2011 at 06:44:49 AM PDT

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