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View Diary: Gallup: conservatives 41%, moderates 36%, liberals 21% (334 comments)

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  •  Not accurate for understanding what people believe (0+ / 0-)

    actually believe.  In today's climate, the middle is just another word for don't have a clue, but know enough that its pretty shitty our there.

    The reason we even have liberal ideas and some policy in this country is because the liberal founding fathers stood firm on certain things.  It's because Lincoln stood firm o some issues.  It's because FDR stood firm and even led on many liberal ideas.  He was so effective the MOTU's got together to limit term limits of Presidents.  Its because Kennedy espoused liberal ideas and had backbone (e.g. Cuban missile crises)..  It's because LBJ pushed the Great society programs and signed into law civil rights, even at the point of damaging the current Democratic Majority, based in part on immoral positions in regards to blacks.

    Can you see Obama in any of these situations?  We would not be a country; be two countries; into Fascism and speaking German or/and Japanese; in a nuclear war; blacks still second class citizens and poverty at least twice what it is today.  

    Obama is a right of center neo-liberal pro-corporate Oligarchic lapdog.  He's a real turd as a Democratic President but a pretty good Republican one.  Very effective if you are a Reprobate.  He is the one person who has the bully pulpit to actually espouse a real liberal message and vision for this ocuntry.  Well, it ain't gonna happen with this Trojan.  The change you are getting is NOT what you hoped for!

    So, in lack of a liberal vision, and a hard right wing vision constantly being pumped at every opportunity, sometimes even by Obama and some Dems, what are people to do?  Most do not have the time nor inclination and many simply lack vision themselves.  Grand vision to see a future and try to work toward it.  That's okay however, most have lives to take care of an have no time nor inclination to envision a future much beyond their own personal hopes and dreams.  Add to this our dismal education system which hides the present successes in life as an advance of progress, of liberal ideas and simply trains kids to be cogs in a cruel quasi-capitalist/fascist system based on viritual ever shifting empires of financial control.

    So, people,, not liking the hard right message and lacking a left message fall into the middle.  Ready to be exploited by money, corporations, Oligarchs and lackey snake oil salesman like Palin, Bachmann, Romney, and Obama and many others.

    It's time to start cleaning up the Democratic House and forcing a vision. I hope this shit package is rejected by the House and Senate and it puts on Obama the choice to act, or show what an abject, utter failure he really is once and for all.   Odds are, it will get through with teeth gnashing but no filibuster or holding ranks on the "progressive" caucus and the fluffers will come out trying to figure out how to paint lipstick on this pig and the one who let it get to this point and the Democratic Leadership, Obama.

    I hope more wake up from this kabuki theater play.  However real change cannot happen until we get rid of crap like Obama, and the enabling jokers on both sides. Odds are a harder shift to the right and a real Hobbesean future time will be needed to engender a Wisconsin moment at the national level and put real fear, fear for their very lives, into the MOTU's and their political lackeys.  They know this, and are doing all they can to insure that whenever people wake up, it will be too late.  Wake up!

    If you enjoy being the frog in the slow-boil then vote Obama, else maybe it's time to turn up the heat. The frog may just jump out and save itself ala Wisconsin!

    by TheTruthIsOutThrere on Mon Aug 01, 2011 at 06:37:59 AM PDT

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