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View Diary: Gallup: conservatives 41%, moderates 36%, liberals 21% (334 comments)

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    although I wouldn't join it as I am a moderate.

    I think a third party for the left is about impact rather than winning.  It's far too easy for a party where the majority are moderates to see what the other side has to offer in the event that what we see as less reasonable elements of our own party, trying to imitate teabaggers.

    If the dems split into two separate factions, it would force moderates to make a choice rather than what happens now, basically making deals with the GOP because we don't mind doing such things.  We wouldn't mind making deals with a more liberal party either but I think that party has to have a funding source that is independent of the DNC, otherwise there is no incentive to deal.  

    So you would have the GOP, the DNC, and a liberal party.  It would essentially remain a two party system with the moderate party acting as the deciding vote in many cases.  

    You could have actually had a proper discussion on third party or more liberal issues, if it was organized as such.

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    by mim5677 on Tue Aug 02, 2011 at 06:15:41 AM PDT

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