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  •  This is, in fact, the only thing that works. (6+ / 0-)

    Because it attracts the Traditional Media's attention, it attracts the attention of the TPTB and their Villager puppets on the Sunday Morning Talkshow Circuit and evening cable news.

    The White House does not like being put on blast (because President Obama abhors anyone who disrupts his sense of 'cooperation' and 'harmony', twisted as it may be). If you stand up to them and punch them in the throat, you will get what you want. They will roll over every single time. They only answer to two things--assloads of money and people gutsy enough to call them out in front of their friends--the oligarchs and plutocrats. The caviar and crumpets crowd do not like the plebes standing up for too long, because eventually the world recognizes that this country is a fraud.

    Yes, there will be some unpleasantness involved--arrests, beatings, tear gas, possible tasering, along with potential trumped up federal charges (used as intimidation in any post-industrial corporacracy--see DOJ versus Anonymous, left-leaning activist groups, and the like).

    But if you endure that pain, you will get what you want--you will be on television, radio, internet, newspapers because in this day and age anyone doing something like that in front of the White House gets ratings. If it bleeds it leads, as macabre as that sounds in context.

    House parties and meetings help. But they're not enough. At this point there has to be a confrontation, direct and firm. Because the people in DC who you thought work for you won't listen to you. You are not a Citizen Corporation, you do not have money. But you are a citizen, which means you have numbers.

    Use the numbers. That's the only way we can even hope to win at this point.

    The rule is, "don't be a dick" - kos

    by cybrestrike on Mon Aug 01, 2011 at 09:18:51 AM PDT

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