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View Diary: Polls: Liberals steady in Obama support, everyone in DC looks worse to public (331 comments)

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  •  i like how nothing in your post (4+ / 0-)
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    addresses the actual job Obama has done. yes the greatest thing that could come out of Obama's relection is his using the bully pulpit against the progressives, to tell them to "shut up" for all their whining about his letting the public option be killed, leaving Bush's terror policy unchecked, a weakling stimulus, an adoption of Republican talking points and an eagerness for slashing Medicare and Medicaid. SHUT UP GUYS, WE ALL KNOW I'M THE ONLY GUY YOU PRAGMATISTS WILL ALLOW YOURSELVES TO SUPPORT

    all the "so called work" those progressives did in 2008, now it's all bunk because they criticize him!

    well have fun rooting for the guy who's gonna throw your Medicare out the goddamn window while doing NOTHING to actually share the sacrifice with the rich. it'll all be worth it to shovel shit in the face of liberals, since you yourself are a liberal and... wait, what?

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