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View Diary: VT-Sen: Bernie Sanders is safe (151 comments)

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  •  It all starts in VT (1+ / 0-)
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    Same Sex marriage started in VT.  Now it's gaining acceptance everywhere.

    Now Single Payer has started in VT.  Maybe soon, that will spread everywhere.

    •  Technically . . . (10+ / 0-)

      . . . Massachusetts had same-sex marriage first. Vermont, however, was the first state to legalize civil unions, so that might be what you're thinking of.

      28, chick, solid progressive, NY-14 currently, FL-22 native, went to school in IL-01.

      by The Caped Composer on Tue Aug 02, 2011 at 06:37:10 PM PDT

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    •  Vermont would be a wonderful place to live (1+ / 0-)
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      It must be expensive to live there but I hear not as expensive as living in parts of CA and NYC and Hawaii though. Is that true?

      But what a wonderful state to live in , provided one does not mind the winter weather and the longer winters.

      •  Vermont isn't so expensive (5+ / 0-)

        Housing in Vermont is quite affordable compared to the rest of New England. Unless you insist in living at a ski resort, a good house can be found in the smaller towns or countryside in the $120,000-$200,000 range. Vermont was hardly touched by either the bubble or the mortgage mess. Electrical rates are higher in New England than much of the country, although Vermont's on the lower end of that by a penny or two. Employment is in decent shape in Vermont (and New Hampshire for that matter), but wages tend to be moderate. Food is not a bargain, although the local, small-scale, largely organic farm culture is a plus. The prevailing heat source is oil - not good - but firewood is relatively cheap, and pellet heating is an option. Real estate taxes are income-adjusted, so the tax burden on lower-income households isn't too much.

        •  I live in a small town where rents are very (1+ / 0-)
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          reasonable so I might be spoiled as we are currently renting since we sold a house in another location. We are not certain we are going to remain her so we have not purchased a home yet.

          I guess the best question would be in a small town of around 3-6K people; average rent? For instane, we are renting a 3 story townhouse ( garage is ground floor as we live next to a creek) and large living room and kitchen and 3 bedrooms, 2 walk in closets, one bath on 3rd floor.  We pay 600 a month.  Our water and sewer is higher than in most urban and suburban areas but that is because there are so few of us to pay for the new sewage system and water authority.  We have electric heat too which we have found to be cheaper than oil.

      •  I'd love to live in Vermont if (2+ / 0-)
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        HoosierJay, wishingwell

        It wasn't so rural.  I'm too much of a city-dweller, and Burlington's too small for me.

        (Though that's one of the really interesting things about Vermont.  I think it's the least urbanized state in the country - its certainly up there if its not - yet it's a safe democratic state.)

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