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    As a Vermonter (currently transplanted to DC) and a former Bernie staffer, perhaps I can shed some light on this conversation.

    First, yes, Vermonters rarely turn out incumbents.

    Second, Bernie has a long history, from first being elected mayor of Burlington in 1981 to Congress and then the Senate.   People know him and are convinced he's on their side.

    Third, Bernie has a solid reputation for constituent service, from farmers to veterans to seniors, etc.   This sort of thing tends to help one's electability, regardless of political leanings.

    Fourth, the political landscape has changed in the 33 years since I first moved there.   No, it's not the far-left commune some on the Right (in and outside the state) like to decry, but more of a pragmatic liberal state, where the budget is balanced, even though it's the only state in the union that doesn't require that, and a genuine effort is made to deliver public services, particularly for low-income residents, of which there are many.

    This has helped, although a long line of political opponents has made the mistake of thinking Bernie's base of support is all those hippies who moved to VT to go to Goddard College and then hang out making hammocks and getting stoned.  Bernie is actually solidly grounded with blue collar Vermonters who often vote R, except for Senator.   In 2006, for example, yards often sported signs for Bernie and the unctuous R Gov, Jim Douglas.

    •  unctuous. I had to look that one up! (2+ / 0-)
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      Ana Thema, MichaelNY

      "affected, exaggerated, or insincere earnestness"
      Still that's waaaay better than what they got for Gov nowadays in for instance WI or FL:
      non-affected, non-exaggerated sincere asshole.

      (PS, Bernie sure is a one-in-a-million politician. Wish I had him to vote for.)

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