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View Diary: Pat Buchanan just used "Boy" & "Whipped" to refer to Obama (299 comments)

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    "Your boy" can be used to refer to most any male.  I can conceive of some circumstances where it could be used to refer to a woman.  I would have to twist myself all up to think of a scenario where a white person could ever use the term "nigger" in a non offensive way.

    I am not trying to be an apologist for Buchanan by the way.  I rec'ed both GrumpyOldGeek and bozeoparvde51 above because of GrumpyOldGeek's take on things.  I have no particular problem with describing Buchanan as a racist but I never like using evidence that can be so easily challenged.  It weakens the attack.  And I think the use of "Your boy" as evidence of racism can be challenged (if not debunked, especially in conjunction with the "Uncle Remus" comments GrumpyOldGeek references) thus muddying the waters for persons who pay limited attention to politics.

    I know that when I am not feeling focused or energetic enough to look into accusations I hear or read that I often focus on tome minor point in the accusation I know to be wrong (or just questionable) as an excuse to ignore the whole thing.

    Very much as I just did with the original diary about this subject.

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