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  •  Father Ben is clearly a good priest. (8+ / 0-)

    He also found a really great definition for sin.

    In the religious circles I travel in, treating others with dignity and respect, inclusivity, diversity of thought, of culture, of gender, of orientations, these are things which are central to who we are as people of God.

    Religious folks who judge, who condemn, who exclude, and who use the Word to do these things, these folks are completely foreign to my experience of Christianity. I try very hard to understand them, though, but it's difficult.

    I get a little uncomfortable when I see how we talk about religious folks like that on the Daily Kos, and I myself have been guilty of saying some very uncharitable things about fundamentalists and biblical literalists. It's tough to balance your respect for their freedom of thought and practice and for their human dignity when some--not all but some--of these Christians are actively out to undermine my own dignity.

    This diary has me re-thinking how I will approach the subject of other people's religious beliefs here on Daily Kos and in the world.

    Capitalism may be our enemy, but it is also our teacher. --V.I. Lenin

    by commonmass on Wed Aug 31, 2011 at 07:25:12 AM PDT

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