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View Diary: Markovits on how Obama beat the GOP (25 comments)

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    •  Pay attention to who *else* is mad, and why (3+ / 0-)

      It astounds me how many of my fellow Liberals believe the President can wave a magic wand.  Three things stand out to me this week:

      1) Republicans actually compromised.  Hard to get anyone not in the Tea Party to believe this, but it is absolutely true.  Maybe it's just because I live in deep red Texas, but I have yet to meet a single Republican voter who thinks that Republicans got anything they wanted in this deal.  a) Debt ceiling was raised; they did NOT want that b) Health Care Reform not repealed -- that was the whole point of this exercise for them c) No Balanced Budget Amendment.  None of that was ever going to happen, right?  Tell that to the Rs who will vote in primaries against any R candidate who compromised on any of those items.

      2) Entitlement cuts?  Not really, no.  Nothing was done to cut social safety net programs which will not be immediately undone by future Congresses.  Period.

      3) Defense cuts?  Hell, yes.  And more on the way.  This is a log-splitter sitting in the GOP corpus callosum.  There are plenty of people calling the defense budget cuts "draconian" and "unacceptable" on the right -- yet they will be faced with an equally "unacceptable" choice in just a couple of months.  Who to piss off, the military industrial complex, or Grover Norquist?

      By all means, keep bitching about our President.  Just stop bitching so loudly that you can't hear the even more painful whining on the other side of the aisle -- and if you honestly think any other person sitting in the Oval Office would have gotten a better deal, I'd suggest upping the thorazine.

      "Confunde et vince." Come visit our chickens at

      by Walden Ponderer on Wed Aug 03, 2011 at 04:09:08 AM PDT

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