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View Diary: Damn It. BooMan Rules. Know Your Enemies Indeed. (ACTION Diary) (331 comments)

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    It seems to me your noise about "more STFU" is so juvenile as to be embarrassing.  Why is it not okay, even prudent, for Booman or anyone to take a smart man's opinion, and flesh it out or come up with a different take?  And reading Booman for a long time now, I don't recall he's failed yet to offer important information to think about.

    But you and others like you would rather go throughout the thread(s) making vapid remarks, than to settle down and think about what both of them have said and make up your own mind about both of their essays.

    Perfunctory remarks from you, thus a perfunctory response of FAIL from me!

    I meant this comment to go under you....

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