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  •  I'm not new here (0+ / 0-)
    But it sure seems like one side in the debate is a little more vehement and, dare I say it, personal in their communications.

    I read and comment in both sides and both sides have some of this.  And there are people that will jump into diaries supportive just to say "Obama sux" just as there are people who jump into the diaries critical to say "progressives sux".

    I have been called a "republican operative" and I doubt you'd say I'm critical of Obama. The name calling on both sides has gotten out of hand.  So too has the HR abuse.  And I'm sorry to say I have seen the racist garbage some spew and they have been defended so there is a sensitivity about it.  I also don't think it's helpful to minimize that sensitivity by saying the person raising it is racist.  That's what the right has done to immunize themselves from their racist commentary.  

    There are operatives that have been outed and banned from here. One just recently.  So, it isn't surprising that sometimes based on a commenters history of comments that people begin to wonder.  But you're right, it can get out of hand.

    But we want to get to the same place. We just disagree on the how. --mmacdDE

    by glynis on Wed Aug 03, 2011 at 12:57:41 PM PDT

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    •  COINTELPRO (0+ / 0-)

      Look up the tactics they used to destroy the left in the sixties. One tactic was to get the members of targeted groups to start thinking everyone was an infiltrator. Nothing drives people away faster than that kind of toxic environment. There really were infiltrators, and they would do things like sleep around to get everyone jealous and fighting about sex. But sometimes they would just be very strident and aggressive in defending the groups ideals. Against everyone. Everyone else was an infiltrator, not pure enough, a bad guy seeking to bring the group down. And it was really the guys doing the warning who were there to bring the group down.

      Out of hand? It's out of the goddamn stratosphere. This place is going to implode unless some people find some better ways of dealing with their own emotions.

      And the best way to do that is to build community. Make this the god damn SAFE SPACE it should be. You know what? We can't trust politicians. Not even our own. But maybe we can learn to trust each other. And if we do that, if we build real community, then the energy we unleash in the individuals that make up that community will be unstoppable.

      We need to stop looking to others to get us what we want, and instead, empower each other to do so.

    •  A difference is that most of the criticism (0+ / 0-)

      of Obama--even that involving name-calling and comparisons to Republicans and "getting personal"--involve criticism of Obama, a public figure and elected official.  The name-calling criticism directed at progressives, leftists, and critics of the President is often personally directed toward the individual diarists and commenters.

      If I criticize or even insult the President, I'm not, by that act alone, insulting or criticizing you.  It is this mistaken transference that causes much of the angst and bitterness among the support-Obama group.

      •  I don't take it personally (0+ / 0-)

        when Obama is criticized when I object to the name calling that goes with it.  And from the comments I read neither do they.  What we are objecting to is the lack of basic common decency that all people, public figures or not, deserve.

        One can make their criticisms of the president and others known without some of the vile language that accompanies it that is directed at the persons.

        And please do not pretend that personal name calling criticism isn't directed at the support-obama group.

        But we want to get to the same place. We just disagree on the how. --mmacdDE

        by glynis on Wed Aug 03, 2011 at 04:27:01 PM PDT

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